Unreleased Stevie Wonder Track "So Much In Love" Sees The Light Of Day With The Release Of A Snippet Of The Track Recorded During The 'Songs In The Key Of Life' Sessions.

Stevie Wonder fans got a bit of a surprise recently with the emergence of “So Much In Love” – a snippet of a funked up love ballad that reportedly hails from the sessions for his 1976 Songs In The Key Of Life LP. The teaser from Funk-U is enough to get tongues wagging about the possibility of a full track or even a collection of unreleased material from that era eventually seeing the light of day. Though there’s been no word on whether anything of the sort is in the works, it’s at least an awesome reminder of just how prolific and innovative Stevie Wonder has been over the decades. It also gives fans something to look forward to. Check the track below to get a taste of “So Much In Love.” Stay tuned for more from Stevie Wonder.


  • Dev DallasCowboy John

    like that

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    Smooth. Love you Stevie Wonderful!

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    unfinished song.

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