Stevie Wonder Reveals The Top Ten Advantages Of Being Blind On The Late Show With David Letterman

I’m sure to most folks, having lost your sight would be one of the more devastating things a person could endure. But that’s not exactly how a radiant talent and inarguable legend like Stevie Wonder sees things. On a recent stop at The Late Show, Mr. Wonderlove divulged some of the less contemplated advantages of losing your sight. Well, really just the top four. After revealing that slots 10, 9 and 8 were basically the ability to perceive things that most folks would be oblivious to (like recognizing a person by voice or seeing things by what he describes as basically a more primitive version of echolocation) Wonder skips to the top of the list, which is obviously getting paid to be the most famous blind man on the planet, like he. Jokes aside, it’s hard to argue that Wonder’s lack of sight, is made up for in heaps; mellifluous heaps that have redefined the musical landscape time and time again over his 50 years of cherished hit-making. And the late-night screen isn’t the only place you’ll get to see Wonder in action these days, as he recently extended his Songs In The Key Of Life tour and will likely be hitting a stage in your vicinity in the very near future. Watch Stevie Wonder list the advantages of blindness on Letterman below and hit the link to see ticket availability in your area.

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