New 'Star Trek' Series Makes History With First Ever Black Female Lead

Sonequa Martin-Green has been cast in the lead role for the forthcoming Star Trek: Discovery series, which marks the first time in the history of the Star Trek canon that a black woman has held such a position.

Instead of being a captain (as is usually the case in the Star Trek franchise) The Walking Dead actress will serve as a lieutenant commander on the series, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly. However, not much else is known about Martin-Green’s character, including her name.

Star Trek started with a wonderful expression of diversity in its cast. We’re continuing that tradition,” Bryan Fuller, the show’s former showrunner and executive producer, said at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour. “We wanted to paint a picture of Starlet that’s indicative of encountering people who are much more different than we are.”

According to Fuller the decision to cast a nonwhite woman in the lead role was inspired by Mae Jamison (the first black female astronaut), as well as Nichelle Nichols, the only recurring black and female cast member from the initial Star Trek series.

Fuller also added that the change in the lead role’s description adds to the evolution of the upcoming series, providing a different perspective not seen in the franchise’s predecessors.

“We’ve seen six series from the captain’s point of view,” Fuller said. “To see a character from a [new] perspective on the starship — one who has different dynamic relationships with a captain, with subordinates, it gave us richer context.”

Martin-Green’s role on the series adds her to a list of other Black Star Trek actors from the past such as LeVar Burton and the late Don Marshall (who passed away back in October of this year).

Aside form having its first lead role done by a black woman, Star Trek: Discovery will also have the TV franchise’s first openly gay character, a lieutenant played by Anthony Rapp. CBS will be premiering the series in May on its All Access streaming service.


  • BJ Savant

    However, She will actually play a gay man in the series. Now everyone can celebrate !

    • Bannerdog

      A gay white man?

  • James Ross

    So what ? Why are they always looking for white people’s approval ? Is that supposed to satisfy all the disrespect hollyweird gave before ? Gtfoh !

  • Yep, they have a checklist and ever combination needs to be checked before talent may be considered. Shame too, because I like Sonequa Martin-Green … but you morons had to make it all about sex/race instead of talent.

    • Ross Archer

      You’ve seen this checklist? How many items are on it?
      What are the specifics?
      Or are you just making this up? Oh yeah; you’re just making it up.

    • Waswat

      We’ve had Sisko as a black male lead about 23 years ago. Janeway as a female lead, 21 years ago. Honestly, this is not really that noteworthy to write an article about. But here we are, making a big deal out of it. Hyping up a gender/race combination rather than something that has to do with the story is a bit weird… Let’s just hope that it isn’t a disappointment and enjoy Star Trek for being Star Trek.

    • funkinwolf

      You mean Star Trek being Star Trek. The show in the Cold War era whose creator purposefully had a team of explorers from the USA and Russia. You mean the show in the Black Civil Rights era whose creator purposefully had the first on screen interracial kiss. You mean Star Trek being Star Trek, that has multiculturalism and the collective efforts of humanity exploring the Universe being it’s central theme.

    • Waswat

      Yes. Did i miss something? Are you seriously going back to an article from 5 months ago to make the same point i made?

    • funkinwolf

      Wait. You’re moaning that a show based on a franchise that has its central theme being that of humanity celebrating diversity in all its kinds. National, Racial, Sexual and so on. Is talking about sex and racial diversity. Ok then. That makes total sense. What next, moan that the Star Trek is about scientific progress and a love for democracy too? Ok then. That makes total sense.

  • Bannerdog

    Casting should be based on talent (and other factors). It should be race and gender blind – certainly for any given role (unless there is a specific reason*).

    If doing so produced a “homogenous” cast, then MAYBE diversification should be considered.

    However, ideally we’ll reach a time when no more thought will be given to race than to eye or hair color.

    Personally, I’d be just fine with an all-black cast (I’m white) if it just happened to occur that way (i.e., it wasn’t intended).

    It just shouldn’t matter.

    *It’s conceivable that a role might “prefer” a gender. Perhaps a character is to give birth (without major surgical intervention). Possibly a role calls for great muscular strength (although that’s rather unlikely for Star Trek).

    [Incidentally, TV and movies have gone from one extreme to another, in one particular.

    In older westerns, a “good” man and “bad” man might be fighting, with the bad man on top, his back to a “good” woman. The woman ignores the large bottle or gun lying nearby; she stands helpless, hand in mouth..

    On the other hand, recent shows often have a woman “beating” a man who outweighs her by 100 pounds.

    Not impossible, depending on physical conditions and ages, and especially if she practices martial arts – but rather unlikely.

    Incidentally (years ago), three late-teens/early twenties men came onto my parent’s isolated property, grabbed my dad, and began hitting him.

    My mom ran into the house, grabbed a .22 pistol, and forced them to leave. I think they should have made them stay until the police came. However, the gun was unloaded (she had not taken the time to load it), and maybe she wanted them gone before they noticed that.

    • BlackKnightsMatter

      It’s becoming main stream now, no more white male heroes. It’s not cool, we are to be hated now. So it’s recast with a white female and play the gender advancement card or go with minorities in all roles with whites only as bad guys, see both new Star Wars films as example, even then with a white female strong character she must be sexually paired with a strong black male partner. I am more upset however that they keep going backward in the ST universe, we had Enterprise which was ok now ten years before Kirk really? I want a new next gen so they can guest Picard and Riker!

    • funkinwolf

      Star Trek was created to bring up the themes of human diversity. The creator purposefully had characters that were Black Female, East Asian Male and Russian Male working with White Male American. Which was very radical for it’s time. I repeat, it was created TO BE RADICAL. Each new show purposefully carried on the original theme of Star Trek by having a White Female Captain and then a Black Male Captain. I repeat, PURPOSEFULLY. Star Trek never tried to hide it’s central theme. You just failed to realise this until now. Your fault.

    • BlackKnightsMatter

      Seriously fuck off you cuckold, if you cannot see it now wait a few years. As you are told you cannot celebrate your own culture in case you offend others. I expect your a white snow flake who supports BLM and thinks that will somehow save him in a race war, yeah dream on you’ll be the first to go.
      PS CAPITALIZING every other word just makes you look more of a cunt than your posts if that is at all possible

    • SuperCool

      Lmao…hope this was satire.

    • SuperCool

      That’s .01% of western movies. Oh the horror.

    • funkinwolf

      “Star Trek was an attempt to SAY that humanity WILL reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate, but take a special delight in DIFFERENCES in ideas and DIFFERENCES in life forms. […] If we cannot LEARN TO actually ENJOY those small differences, to TAKE A POSITIVE delight in those small differences BETWEEN OUR OWN KIND, here on this planet, then WE DO NOT DESERVE to go into out into space and MEET THE DIVERSITY that is almost certainly out there.” ― Gene Roddenberry (Creator of Star Trek)

      Now quit your bullshit you racist, sexist bitch.

  • Johndoe

    I’ve watched every episode of every Star Trek…I will NOT be watching this garbage. In the future homosexuality would not exist, doctors would of cured it. I’ll stick to my reruns.

    • funkinwolf

      You clearly never understood the theme of Star Trek was embracing diversity. DId you go to school and learn to read?

    • Johndoe

      BS moron! Star Trek was all about positive alpha male role models, and later on positive female roles. No room for sissies like you!

    • funkinwolf

      Go back and read. Then read the origin of Star Trek. Fool.