Spike Lee Says It's "Mad Fishy" that Colin Kaepernick Hasn't Signed With a NFL Team Yet

Photo of Colin Kaepernick and Spike Lee courtesy of Instagram.

Five years ago, Colin Kaepernick was playing in the Super Bowl, as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Today, he’s a free agent struggling to sign with a team.

What happened? Well, a lot of things happened. One, for whatever reason, Kaepernick’s quarterback play became way more erratic. And, two, Kaepernick became more socially aware. He started kneeling during the national anthem before NFL games — something he did to bring attention to police brutality against black Americans.

So the question remains: why can’t Kaepernick get a starting job? Is it because of the first option or the second?

Well, if you ask famed director Spike Lee, who turns 60 today, he thinks it’s the second option.

Yesterday, Lee posted a selfie with Kaepernick on his IG. Lee wrote a comment, where he says he thinks it’s “mad fishy” that Kap hasn’t signed with a team yet.

Here’s the post, with the full caption:

Interesting caption from Lee. What do you think? Agree?


  • RC

    Lousy quarterback + lousy human being= unemployment

  • D.Owens=3

    I hope he gets signed soon Kaepernick is a good dude.

  • 1683_Vienna

    I do NOT agree with Spike Lee. The flag is the flag. If you have problem with, whatever, make your views known, but respect the flag. Or ship out to another country, like Iran or Iraq or Saudi.

    • Matthew Danak

      WTF did he do to the flag? The flag is the flag? What the hell does that mean? When Americans are more upset about a man respectfully declining to stand in a more or less mandatory patriotic ritual than the human rights abuses that compelled him to sit, we simply can’t have nice things. Colin’s action were more patriotic than any of the no-risk flag or anthem hysteria. He knew the risks before he acted and I am sure anticipated this outcome. Forced patriotic displays demonstrate some of the worst aspects of political correctness. Golly. WTF, some of America?