Brand New Heavies

UK soul institution The Brand New Heavies recently leaked “Sunlight” and “Addicted” – two new singles from their forthcoming album Forward. Decades of baited breath later, fans can finally exhale with the announcement that the group’s efforts to crowd-fund their indie release have succeeded. The good news: the album will feature N’dea Davenport – the only voice that has ever truly completed their package of rich horns and cosmic boogie. The bad news: only on two tracks–much to the chagrin of Heavies purists she will not be anchoring the entire album; a move some might consider enough to avoid looking forward to the release. Don’t be so hasty. In her absence the group has deferred to Dawn Joseph – most recently recognizable from Kylie Minogue‘s 2008 X Tour and Spandau Ballet‘s 2010 Reformation Tour – an amazing vocalist who will surely not disappoint at the helm. “Sunlight” and “Addicted” are disco-inspired dance tracks to prime your ears for what’s to come. We suggest you get your soul clap ready.

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  • Abraham

    I’m sad actually… both of these tracks are GOOD… don’t get me wrong but they’re both really SAFE. The Heavies absolutely changed the game when they dropped & now they’re just sticking to a formula. Brother SIster was one of the most influential & creative albums that came out in the 90’s & I’m just not hearing that from them right now. These tracks SCREAM ‘filler’ IMO. I’ll still buy the album tho’ cuz’ I believe in their future creativity.