Video: Sean Price - "Haraam" Video

Video: Sean Price - "Haraam" Video

The Sean Price Haraam Video just came out

The Sean Price “Haraam” Video has hit the internet. Sean Price is vexed. The state of rap music has got him very bumboclaat upset, and when he gets so f**king upset, he don’t bother bloodclaat talk english bumboclaat grammar, seen? ‘Cause them thing deh get him very bumboclaat upset, and all because–you know why? Because he’s not singing ‘darling I bloodclaat love you and come shake my raas and I will swim the ocean and climb the mountain.’ Seen? All that not going to change him. Seen? Because he is finna kill the f**kery out here and people is going to be in demand for the truth. People is sick and tired of hearing bumboclaat ‘get down and shake your f**king booty’, seen? People is sick and tired of hearing ‘darling, I bloodclaat love you.’ You turn on the f**king radio twenty-four bumboclaat hours a day you hear ‘darling, I love you.’ A man wouldn’t sing to the Almighty a raasclaat – him love him woman more than the Creator who create the sun, the moon, and the bumboclaat stars. So he is just sick and tired of hearing that bumbo-bloodclaat, seen?

Actually, that was Peter Tosh railing against the music industry in a 1986 interview but the vocal sample pretty much captures the spirit of not only this song “Haraam” but Sean’s whole Mic Tyson LP (read the review right over there–>). That spirit, to put it more succinctly, is: “F**k rap. And read the Qu’ran.” Watch the video, directed by the last American b-boy below and purchase Mic Tyson here. Check out the Sean Price “Haraam” Video:

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