Big Ghost presents his Tyler the Creator Wolf review

Ayo whattup you back in the presence of that muthafucka wit two iron midgets for hands. In case you forgot I go by the name Big Ghost aka Phantom Raviolis aka Shampoo Bracelets aka Cocaine Biceps aka Thor Molecules aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Spartacus Deluxe…n otherwise known as THE MIGHTY HANDS OF ZEUS. So Im back in the building to walk wit yall thru this new Wolf joint….Courtesy of Tyler The Creator aka the slightly less annoying Hopsin but before that gets ran down I gotta hit yall wit that ill boilerplate. Disclaimer:

The views n what have you in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever else b. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too. It should be noted by all those who is present today here today before God that yall here on ya own accord n if anybody not cool wit that they should leave now or forever hold they peace…

Ok back to the thing. Now Ion wanna start shit off on no negative shit cuz truthfully I aint kno what to expect from this n**ga. I aint really a fan like that n really dont be fuckin wit none of this Odd Future shit. I recognize the talent that a few of these muthafuckas possess…but I also recognize the talent that a n**ga who play a banjo or a bagpipe possesses too. It dont mean I gotta fucks wit none of it. I can still be like yo I respect it…jus keep it the fuck away from my ears n shit b. N**gas say Im hatin tho…they be all in my personal space violatin talmbout how son only 21 n shit…22 or whatever… Im like DAWG YOU KNO HOW OLD BIGGIE WAS WHEN HE MADE READY TO DIE? SON WAS BARELY 21. Big gave us classics tho…like epic spectacles n shit. Son was gifted. Dont een get me started on Nas n Illmatic bruh…. Like Im sayin fuck these little n**gas if they cant keep up. The bar for this shit was set by teenagers back in the late 80s. Like son…Rakim wasnt no mature ass man on his 4 consecutive classic albums wit Eric B namsayin. Like we talkin artistry of the highest degree right there so fuck a young n**ga who still tryin to find his leg coordination in this game. I aint here to watch n**gas grow. They aint my fuckin kids b. Reggie Noble aka the legendary Redman gave us Whut? Thee Album when he was this n**gas age. Lets see how this bizarre wacky shit gon hold up to that muthafuckin bonafide stone cold classic album son. I CANT WAIT to see what this n**ga got. I welcome yall muthafuckin challenge. Cuz I aint bout all that givin n**gas a pass based off they bein some youngsters shit. Dont expect me to be like whatever whatever jus cuz he a youngbuck… Aight Imma start explorin this fuck shit…

Tyler, The Creator ollies Odd Future

1. “Wolf” – Hadda listen to this shit twice so I could laugh my ass off at how son kept on sayin “fuck you” GOT DAMN THIS N**GA HILARIOUS YO.

2. “Jamba” (f/ Hodgy Beats) – First thing I wanna say is this beat kinda dope…not so much when shit gets to the chorus n it starts drippin wit that Pharrell circa 2003 twinkly keyboard shit…but the rest kinda fresh tho namsayin.. Imma keep it a hunnid wit yall n admit that I aint een try to understand what the fuck they was sayin on this shit tho.

Tyler, The Creator & Sean "Puffy" Combs

3. “Cowboy” – Wow bruh…the fuck is this n**ga rappin bout? It aint like I cant hear the words, I jus dont kno what the fuck son is sayin when I connect the words together. Like I jus be losin interest n thinkin bout other shit b. Only time I understand son is when he spits bout smokin weed or some shit…. Ionno if its cuz I aint 14 or whatever but this shit jus be soundin like boredom salad to me yo. I be feelin like I got adult ADD listenin to this n**ga spit. Ayo whats this tho –> LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL? Give up? Its the Tyga alphabet! HAHAHAHA… Get it? Its all L’s…nvmd. Yeah, Ion fuck wit this joint tho…

Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean, flying chest bump

4. “Awkward” – Guess this is sons love joint. Ionno what happened to the LL type ballads n the sincere joints n**gas use to be havin… This n**ga actin a fool on this shit yo… like een if its some sincere shit b…the shit dont resonate wit the god. Therefore the shit aint gon resonate wit broads that I want the shit to resonate wit namsayin. No n**ga actually wanna listen to rap ballads b…that aint what muthafuckas is checkin for at all yo. But dudes still be havin shit like that handy in case they wanna melt the panties off a broad or some shit like that…or as a appetizer before you flip it on some Jodeci shit. Like you might throw on some 2Pac “Can U Get Away” or some shit like that so that the broad relax her guard n be like OH IM FEELIN THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE…CLEARLY THIS A SENSITIVE N**GA WIT LIFE PRIORITIES N SHIT YO namsayin. After that you hit her over the head wit a little Jodeci “Feenin” n next thing you kno the panties is aflame b…you jus set the panties on fire namsayin. But you cant jus be jumpin into shit like “Feenin” like that cuz thats a emotional experience right there nahmean…you need to be havin a segue to that type of shit namsayin. But you cant do that wit no shit like this son. You might as well play some Weird Al for her if you gon do some stupid shit like that… Like the joint aint trash but at the same time it aint got no purpose yo. I jus cant connect wit this shit on a emotional level b…n it aint gon help me disintegrate the panties off a chick neither. You might as well play a broad some chinese flower drum type shit or tapes of whales givin birth. Shit aint sexy at all yo.

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  • jp

    correction: track 8 should be called “48”
    great review though

  • Vladimir

    This has been one of the best reviews I’ve ever read. I think I’ll read it again.

  • Billy

    Wow this guy needs to wake up and realize he is in 2013 he’s stuck back in that old music shit He sounds like a fake white person trying to act black one of the most shittiest reviews I have ever read

    • You need to make use of your google search engine and look up the definition of the word “Parody”………and then lighten the fuck up.

    • teanbean00

      this is another reason why i cant get with odd future..their fan base swears up n down they know hip hop.. like yall just catching on..chill out and shut up

    • wut

      not their whole fan base. some of us actually do know hip-hop. and some of us hip-hop fans ..maybe around my age (early 20s) who grew up on the same hip-hop you prolly listened to, are in the in the middle — old enough to fuck with all the old school stuff, but young enough to fuck with a selection of this new shit (and not be one of those “omg i only listen to real hip-hop” type of people. for me, i still bump all the old school stuff, but consider odd future to be something different/exciting to add to my music collection. it’s nice to see talented dudes who DO actually have crazy skills and creativity, doing something different with “rap” (if that’s what you wanna consider OF) music. but what you said is true about most OF fans. there’s mad old heads that actually like and respect their music though. you’d be surprised.

    • Kaleb

      Good music is timeless fuckboy, YOU need wake up and realize that just because you listen a bunch of faggots who skateboard doesn’t mean you’re an authority on anything, let alone HipHop. It is what it is. The fact of the matter is you will not catch one nigga in the hood bumpin this wacky uncle tom, that job is left to (mostly white) suburban dickriders like yourself

    • Chris

      You’re just another butt hurt OF fan. Its humorous and thats what he has meant it to be.

  • Mat

    Lmfao some funny shit and good review

  • thebesk8s

    are we still sure Big Ghost isn’t Bino..?

    • Steven J. Pinkerton

      its ghostface killah

    • Slick Jefferson

      It’s not Ghostface Killah, you idiot. You think Ghostface has time to sit around and write track-by-track reviews of Tyler the Creator albums?? FOH with that.

      It’s a blogger who writes “in the style” of ghostface the same way that Film Crit Hulk writes “in the style” of the Incredible Hulk.

  • jones

    Good review I thought the shit was wack also

  • teanbean00

    Its about damn time somebody told the truth about Odd Future.. its definitely for a ”certain demographic” u wont catch me blastin their shit in my car..not ever

  • girl

    You can’t compare WOLF to Nas and Biggie’s classic albums because they’re just that, CLASSICS. It’s a new day and age. Music now is nothing compared to how it was back then because things are different and these artists grew up differently. You can’t compare music now to music then.

    • Bob Stevens

      well done, you successfully missed the point.

    • according to this logic, nothing this age will ever be considered classic later, like you know, the albums listed

  • dude

    YO. dude said Lucas looks like Kenneth Parcell. all the way done.

  • I think Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino might be Big Ghost. I’ve had that feeling for a while.

    • Ayo Magnets

      I think Cheezy is too prone to goofy humor to be Big Ghost but that shit would explain why Gambino’s mixtapes and album don’t get judged by the GOD.

    • and his iron fist cypher got 9.5/10

    • JusticeBringer

      No, it didn’t. Gambino and Ab-Soul both got a 9. The highest score was Kendrick with 9.5.

    • you right, good look on the correction, sill I think it’s that nigga Donald Glover.

    • Snuffy

      That “nigga with a hard r” line was used in a Childish Gambino song, pretty sure its him

    • i said that too, no response tho…

    • data plan

      Of course its Glover. He wrote for 30 rock. You think the real GF would know who kenneth parcells was

    • Fuck you for assuming you know what’s in Ghostface Killah’s brain.

    • PJ McGee

      It’s definately not ghost face since he has flat out came out and spike on it…. At first he didn’t like big ghost but recently gave him props on some shit he wrote

    • James Vagabond

      uhhh, ghostface killah WAS on 30 rock, watchu mean nigga?!

    • Dubble

      Check it out… I gotta strong feeling Sean Price is behind this ish… seems right up his lane. Plus, if you’ve seen son’s interviews you will see a lot of similarities between P and BigGhosts opinions and ish… what do yall think?

  • dong

    really been waiting for someone to talk about how whack the white dude is for a minute now.

  • D-Inventa

    it’s a funny review, but at the same time it’s not really telling much in the song by song review that he didn’t already mention in the first paragraph. The hands of Zeus don’t get down with kids rapping in 2013. The point he made about Slater, a lot of rappers say homophobic shit and they don’t feel like they need to explain themselves, i don’t know why he felt the need to call out Ty for that shit, Back in Ghost’s day there were a lot of fatherless teens, some of them became the rappers/hip hop artists we listen to up till now and forever. You don’t need to have a dad for people to draw inspiration from your life. I mean, i like the blog and the review, and I think this is the only other shit of tylers’ i’ve heard other than that goblin track and i listened to it because Ghost was reviewing it. I don’t like this album. Not even one track to be completely honest. I agree, people live different lives now, it’s hard to connect with what these teens are saying cause we grew up on golden-age hip hop, but if you get nothing else out of this comment but this one point, understand that artists like Ghost, they contradict themselves all the time, and it’s simple to look into their history with a google search if you didn’t grow up listening to them and listen to their discography and see all those contradictions come to life. Artists like biggie, 2pac, nas, Big L, Ghost they had to grow up faster than everyone else because times was hard on the boulevard. It’s not like that anymore. If ghost and all these other golden era artists really had a problem with the way the music industry is today, they could have done something about it in 2000, in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004…like you BEEN around, you been controlling the industry, so what happened? I’ll tell you what happened. Innovation in hip hop got fucked in the ass by drugs, alcohol, and bitches. Those artists we relied on from the 90s on, they wanted money, the motivation to get out of a situation, to make great music was gone. Look at Fat Joe as an example. You can diss me, but Fat Joe used to be my fucking hero. Dude had mad flow back in the DITC days, dude had mad grit. Now he raps about cocaine all the time or not at all. At the end of the day, as a fan if you ask me who i blame for the current state of hip hop as you 90s rappers put it, is all of y’all. The fans were with you back then, and y’all squandered the chance to keep a cultural history contained in hip hop tracks that meant something permanently. Instead of raggin on the hip hop artists of the future, why don’t yall try to guide them towards making the right choices for their music and for their lives? You’ve been there, done that, and if you care like you say you do, then do more than rag on a kid for trying. I say this with full respect for Ghost. I’m nobody, but at the end of the day, it’s thousands of nobodies that make up your reason for making music and the person you are today.

    • DJ DroBro420

      It isn’t actually Ghostface Killah, just a funny blogger pretending to be him.

    • Fuck Kel -__-

      That’s a lot of shit to read, bruh.

    • Kaleb

      This fuckin dumbasss thinks GFK actually wrote this review lmao

  • TheCrackCapo

    Review was decent, only part I lost it was when you were putting the hurtin on Lucas. Cool you still were open minded about it even though, at times, you can sound like one of them real hiphop 90 annoying ass niggas. respect

    • Fuck Kel -__-

      No, Lucas is whack and his purpose in the group is unnecessary. He’s the token cracka

    • TheCrackCapo

      when I said “lost it” I meant cracked the fuck up, I know he is, its the only part of the review that made me literally lol

  • Booby Creekwater

    i could say “my, this schtick is getting quite old” and it would be applicable to both the reviewer and the reviewee.

  • wut

    before i even knew of OF, i’ve always been a typical hip-hop head…BUT when odd future came along, i became a die hard fan. they’re just something different and exciting. in a way, they’re my guilty pleasure (except i’m not ashamed). tyler just makes music..he doesn’t try to confine to “real hip hop/rap” standards or anything. to understand his music you kinda have to understand his personality/how he is. i don’t expect many people to be into him. i just hope people who know music, acknowledge & respect his craft and him as in artist, because he produces, directs, writes, comes up with ALL of his own shit. everyone has their own cup of tea, and not everyone appeals to the masses. just know that if tyler wanted to appeal to the masses, he has the creativity and skills to do so. but he stays true to himself 110%..and “himself” is a wild ass crazy nigga who’s all about having fun with his friends, not taking life as serious as most people do, and emulating the music he loves (and then some). he’s really fucking intelligent if you take the time to get to know him (well..as much as the internet allows) but as far as this review goes, shit was HILARIOUS. everything dude said makes sense and it was everything i expected an older cat listening to tyler the creator would say. it was on point and made a lot of sense. glad he said he respected tyler’s craft and still gave it a pretty good rating.

    • wut

      as an artist*

    • G.D. Stubbs

      That’s the *IMAGE* Tyler has constructed for you.

  • Best fucking review ever


  • Rummy389


  • Yo this shit was mad funny but I completely disagree. This album is a 4.5 at least. Big ghost even said himself that he wasn’t listening to what son was saying. Thats wack. Son murdered every track str8 up. And the beats and concepts are dope as fuck. Only tracks you could argue is wack are Trashwang and Tamale. Smh another review that completely slept on this joint… Son put his foot in this albums ass. Shame that niggas is so stuck on the past (Biggie, Nas, etc) that they can’t comprehend what’s going on now…

    • GFCG

      How you gone tell this nigga how much Zeus slaps he should give it

    • kingkron52

      r u serious?? Have u listened to life is good by Nas? Nas is rapping on some grown up shit actually talking about life issues and still telling in depth stories. You’re exactly the type of fan he refers to in all his reviews. A$ap got a 4.5 and so did Nas and this shitty album is NOTHING compared to the latter. If I wanted to listen to a dude who sounds like he has been smoking cigs since the womb i’d watch those anti-smoking ads with the hoes talking thru machines and shit. ur dumb, this is not some out of world shit and these scrubs r not changing hip hop at all for the better

  • g-von

    son almost made me cry when he was using lucas as a metaphorical punching bag

  • Webster

    I was wondering when you’d put your two cents in, lmao. You should check this guy named Atu tho, he just dropped an instrumental EP or whatever the fuck you call it. The nigga don’t een make beats like regular muthafucks. They’re beautiful in the most really nigga way.

  • Webster

    Arright nigga, where the fuckin Indicud review at? You know that shit was booty.

    • jdot

      thats gonna be a good one haha

  • J

    The Dora line at the end was my favorite shit

  • jerry

    YO THE PLOT LACKS COHESION B- i died @ this part


    i blast this shit all day every day in my car…the album is hot….its people like this nigga here thats just too fuckin closed minded to even grasp this album’s concept….i hope this album go triple platium….fuck yall …OFWGKTA BITCH!!!

    • Marinater

      what concept are you talking about here son??

  • sean wolf

    fuck that!!!! golf wang

  • Anthonyd Smith

    Rusty’s beat is sick! Domo ate that beat! On some blaxploitation ish!

  • Caspaaah

    the review for trashwang had me dying yo

  • Frederick Krügenstein

    “But yo…if I see that corny Trashwang snow n**ga Imma duff him off principle b. Like forreal. Thats my word. Might gotta yoke that muthafucka or maybe even stab his ribs witta hot screwdriver for that wack ass verse. Got damn…” –>> YEO! hahaha