How Did This Racist Question Pop Up On A New Mexico High School Exam?

Photo via KOB 4

A New Mexico high school is in the middle of controversy after having a final exam that included a question with a racial slur.

A biology exam at Roswell High School in Roswell, New Mexico, featured the following question: “Why are ni**ers black?”

A screenshot of the question was taken by a Roswell High student, with the photo circulating and causing concern throughout the school and the community.

“When I first saw it you know, I was just taken back like. You know, this isn’t right,” Justice Adler, a Roswell High student, said in an interview with KOB 4. “I’m not reading this right, and then I kept reading it over and over again and I just got so angry.”

“Minorities aren’t just words,” Adler added. “Like we are, we are people. Like, we have feelings.”

According to KOB 4, the Roswell Independent School District and the Public Education Department are looking into the situation. Officials say they are currently reviewing a student they believe “altered and tampered with an end of course exam.” The Public Education Department also said “no such question exists on the NM end of course exam” and there was “no breach of the testing platform.”

“It’s just really ignorant you know,” Valarie Flores, a Roswell resident, said. “I hope his parents or her parents have a talk with him and juts explain you know, fun and games, you could be hurting a lot of people.”

“I have black grandchildren, ok, so it just doesn’t affect black people,” Teresa Roden-Delgado, another Roswell resident, said. “I am not black, but my grandchildren are and it affects everybody.”