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?uestlove's Top 15 Summer BBQ Jams

Questlove & Aziz Ansari discussing 2Chainz & lactose jokes

Yesterday NY Mag published a round-up of “summer playlists” via their blog Vulture, which happened to include a playlist of “Songs that get the summer outdoor party/BBQ started” compiled by our own benevolent afro-lord, ?uestlove. Of course the mag’s format didn’t allow for ?uesto to explain his selections, whereas any OKP reader knows that insight, record nerdery and inside tips that to be found in such a thesis is the whole reason you ask ? to MAKE a list like that in the 1st place. Or as ?uesto himself put it: “i work for a comedy show now so “set up” is in m’DNA.” After a quick twitter exchange, Vulture nicely put the ?uest-nuggets into a separate post, which we have reprinted here, complete with audio via the youtubes, for you listening pleasure. Play on.

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