Questlove Pays Tribute To De La Soul At The Webby Awards

Questlove got all sentimental on us when he presented his heroes De La Soul with The Webby Award for Artist Of The Year. After delving into their permanence in hip-hop’s trophy case, explaining their effect on his personal development as well as the culture’s own evolution, he stamped their masterpiece 3 Feet High And Rising with the ever so coveted “perfect” imprint. Ahmir went on to explain the travesty of their label drama, resulting in the virtual non-existance of their work in any digital marketplace due to the label’s inability/unwillingness to clear the samples used on the record.

The Webbys is of course, that superlative-throwing institution that rewards innovation in internet discourse. So when someone like the legendary daisy crew gifts their adoring public with the entirety of their catalog (plus a stellar wholly Dilla produced mixtape) for free ninety-nine for a one day fire sale, the internet not only takes notice, but rewards boundlessly. Questlove not only introduced the crew, but also ushered in a brief montage on the history of sampling, the legal battles it incited and why the move to put out their catalog for free of charge was so monumental. Its a touching student-teacher type moment that gives the ever-modest crew a well earned pat on the back for their overwhelming contribution to our dear tradition. Watch Questlove present De La Soul with the Webby for Artist(s) Of The Year below.


  • DJ♕Luminous

    very dope. thanks de la.

  • Marc Robinson

    I love the fact that DeLaSoul gets recognized but I hate the fact that the general public only knows them for 3ft. High an Rising. or they only know them for Me myself and I. Their catalog is deep with the dopest of tracks and lyricism known to man. It’s so frustrating when guys like Jay-Z is hailed as a lyrical king but honestly and truthfully Jay-Z is a lightbulb, DeLaSoul is the sun.

  • Marc Robinson

    Everyoneneedsto checkout the GRIND DATE absolutely dope!