?uestlove contributing a J Dilla-inspired DJ set at Brainfeeder Sessions, Boiler Room, NYC

If you were in attendence for ?uestlove‘s DJ set at the recent RBMA/Brainfeeder session at The Boiler Room in NYC you already know (I already know, for the record). Flying Lotus’ set mighta been the best balance between move-ability and brainfood and Flatbush Zombies definitely won the most-likely-to-start-a-riot award. But ?uesto’s all-drums, all-J-Dilla-inspired set was easily the most filling, stuffing the assembled brains with donut after donut of the sprinkliest kind. If you were not in attendance, you have been saved by the magic of the internet as the entire hour-long set is now viewable over the you-tubes so you can listen and rewind at your leisure to analyze the sprinkles and cross-reference with your iTunes library and previous ?uestlove sets of Dilla goodies for maximum nerdification. A few more notes on what you’re going to see/hear: yes, I believe that is Gaslamp Killer running the mic. And no, that is not Joey Bada$$ tailgating the turntables and nodding his head so tuff that he is in danger of knocking the needle off the record with the brim of his snapback (although he is there somewhere). We recommend you remove your hat before you play and get to nodding, too.

spotted at OS


  • dylsmack

    that couple to the left are on their phones the whole time. shame.

  • cla

    Is there a download somewhere? I must have a copy

  • What gear is Questo using? Seems like an interesting setup?

    • Toine

      @Runaway: He’s propably using Traktor Scratch or Serato with two technics 1200’s. Not sure though

  • BeaJae

    I love the focus on just the djing, but that was also the perfect vibe for open mic/rap battle/dance/graffiti creation…just everything hip hop.

  • Is this Prince on his hoodie?

    • Tanya G

      I was saying the same thing lol

  • R_New Zealand

    Great set, another reason why I need to move to NYC!

  • Rick

    What the hell is this? As an old school hip-hop head and I’m talking all the way back to pre-RUn-DMC, I just don’t get it anymore. This whole set was wack and sleep inducing. And I’m not hatin’ My collection includes everything “The Roots”. I even went to high school with their keyboard man James Poyser. I’m just sayin, different ain’t always good.

    • Behrs

      Not everything has to be hollarin’. I’ve run this back twice this morning. just sitting in my office, calculating spreadsheets, and nodding my head.

    • orlando

      U outta ur damn mind my dude?SMH

    • Otito

      well, just keep on not getting it, because WE DO! I would love to have been in that spot sipping on something and vibing out to this mix! …and Im a DJ!

  • B

    Does anyone know the beat at 5:58?

  • This is dope. I enjoy having different DJ mixes. I wish this joint was made into an mp3 for download. *cough, cough* @OKAYPLAYER??
    Or I guess I gotta go do it myself eh?
    Damn. Way to not be an enabler of my laziness @OKAYPLAYER!!

  • Tanya G

    I luv the Roots

  • Jazzcat

    Can anybody make a set list i just can’t name all the joints played here … tnx