?uestlove revealed as Hip-Hop illuminati on The Cleveland Show

The evil geniuses behind The Cleveland Show have released another ?uestlove-starring sneak preview clip from this Sunday’s season premiere. The episode is titled “Menace II Secret Society” and features our hero Question Mark Love alongside fellow Hip-Hop illuminati Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am (all voiced by themselves) as they hold the fate of hyper-famous rapper Kenny West (guest-voiced by real-life hip-hop illuminatus Kanye West) in their shadowy hands. Above and beyond the fact that this is my bosses’ boss we are talking about, not only does this sh*t look like it is going to be genuinely hilarious (check the piano-in-Big segment below) but may be the most sophisticated piece of ontological anarchy ever conceived by the mind of man, fnord to your mother. The Season Four premiere episode “Menace II Secret Society” airs Sunday, Oct. 21 at 7:30 PM ET/PT on FOX.

props to EW