Django Unchained soundtrack (cover art)

While we’re debating the merits and meaning of Django Unchained as some kind of statement on race and violence in America, get a full stream of the soundtrack below, complete with director Quentin Tarantino‘s track-by-track comments. Call it the DVD extras without the DVD, right down to the story about Jamie Foxx flying Rick Ross to the film’s set in Louisiana, a meeting which lead to the Foxx-produced Ross tune “100 Coffins.” The onliest thing thats missing, of course, is Frank Ocean‘s contribution to the soundtrack, which famously did not make the final cut. That track is presumed to be “Wiseman” which Ocean posted to his tumblr over the holidays under the title “django was ill without it.” Find that included in youtube form after the jump as a special DVD-extra-to-the-DVD-extras bonus track. You’ll have to provide your own commentary for that one.


  • I don’t think Django Unchained was meant as a “message” film, nor as any kind of statement on race or violence in America. I really don’t get all the complaints from people about the movie that Django Unchained WASN’T, rather than all the acclaim that it deserves for what it WAS. I really find it hard to believe that anyone who was hoping for some kind of politically correct inspirational movie has ever actually seen a Tarantino film before. Plain and simple, this was a reinterpretation of the Broomhilda fairytale, with heavy exploitation/spaghetti western influences. All Tarantino movies are pulp entertainment, and they are all inspired by the movies he loves, which are violent pulp entertainment with fun, cool characters, and no sign of political correctness to be seen. This was the best time I had at the movies all year, and I highly encourage anyone who wanted something else from it to write their own stories, because there is always room for other creative statements to be made.