Talib Kweli in a video still from his "Upper Echelon" video

Brainiac dum-dum Talib Kweli busts the scientificals in his new video for the Harry Fraud-produced banger “Upper Echelon” which premiered on MTV2 last night. Been waiting for this one to touch down ever since Kweli debuted a live teaser in NY back in October–the beat sounds like Swizz Beatz meets Masta Ace meets Truckzilla and Kweli matches it beat for beat with the kind of bars you’re more likely to yell in a sweaty club than dissect on the OKP community boards (for instance). Fredo Tovar‘s video puts it all together like puzzle pieces with quick cuts between set pieces, dime pieces and shots of Kweli’s unparalleled stage show (look for the Yasiin cameo). For extra lolz, pay close attention to the running close captioning that accompanies the lyrical flow in twitterspeak (no auto-correct) and take a drink for every innovative spelling of the word ‘echelon’.  Kweli’s super-anticipated LP Prisoner of Conscious is now slated to drop April 23rd, so keep scanning the horizon…

props to MTV


  • Nico

    damn. seems like after gutter rainbows i have to skip this too. not the kweli i wanna see. sorry talib

  • se.po

    @ nico: I feel you bro’ – i have to say sorry too. but I’m looking forward to the new LP of kweli.

  • big phill

    dope nica homage to masta ace (went over the average listeners head) dope song

    • big phill

      meant to say nice not nica

  • PERR!S

    This isn’t Talib Kweli…

  • Spaceboy2095

    Don’t like it either… Where are the dope lyrics and the killer flow?

  • jesse

    this is definitely not my style, BUT somehow i am feeling it. i like the dark vibes and the energy of it. and i hope it does some damage in the clubs. but i disagree that his rhymes are “the kind of bars you’re more likely to yell in a sweaty club” – shit is way more complex than that.

  • tool2sage

    I’m feeling this 1. it serves the purpose for the single, dope beat and dumbed down for the masses I think it’s cool that talib can make club bangers. don’t worry you’ll get plenty of knowledge on the LP you uptight bastads. stop hating