Prince & 3rd Eye Girl "Plectrum Electrum" Video

Twenty-year old Minneapolis-based photographer Madison Dubé uploaded an “extremely short film” to her Vimeo page this afternoon consisting of Prince and his new all-girl (or is that all-grrl?) band, 3rd Eye Girl, rockin’ out at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios complex – rehearsing for his upcoming SXSW gig perhaps?  Given the title “Plectrum Electrum,” we don’t know for certain if that refers to the name of this funk-rock instrumental or something else.  What we do know is that we cherish any chance to see Prince show off his guitar chops (even if it means causing damage to a vintage ’61 Epiphone) and neither Prince nor this video disappoint!



  • w00t awesome!

  • 4blacklove

    In this age of fake reality TV, 3rdEyeGirl Rehearsal TV would be awesome. and this little clip is the perfect kick off

  • Damn!!!!!!!!!! He is just………………genius………….amazing……best guitar player ever. Leaves me speechless.

  • frank

    ah shiet. so, so good.

  • Seeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • jacqueline thomas

    Prince is the best!!!!!

  • Derrick

    *bows* to the Prince. Love it!

    FML, WHEN will I get a chance to see him?!

  • June

    Damn Too COOOOOL Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Prince is the music!

  • southwestguitar

    i love how he just chooses to get down on the guitar. his technique looks great. so awesome. thank you prince

  • Xpatajoy

    un’altro pianeta!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xpatajoy

    more ‘eclectic Hendrix, more’ wraparound Santana more ‘fun Zappa! incomparable and unique!

  • joy


  • truthbetold

    He will never be fully appreciated by the masses until its too late.

    • Amen. A true living legend. Maybe we can pitch in and buy Jerry some Q-Tips. Saw him last night, best concert ever and I’ve seen 75+ shows from artists like The Rolling Stones, U2, INXS, AC/DC, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Page/Plant, Buddy Guy, heart, John Cougar, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Paul McCartney and on and on.

      Seems like cheating to be that good but when one thinks about the time spent practicing, his health, his dedication and love for music in general, his passion, the talent of 3rd Eye Girl and his work ethic, it’s easy to see why he is the greatest artiist in the history of the United States and rivals Pink Floyd and The Beatles for the Greatest Of All Time in my book.

      Everyone needs to put seeing this man and this group on their bucket list. My body is still vibrating. Literally.

    • Natedogg265

      It’s not our job to appreciate him. He’s just a musician. Take it down a notch. I say that as a huge fan. He’s still human and flawed.

    • Richard Dean

      Correct. It’s not our job. It’s our pleasure.
      He’s not just a musician. He’s a living legend of a musician.
      I didn’t hear anyone say he has no flaws. Did I miss something?

    • RazzleSpazzle

      If Prince is just a musician, then what do you call the over hyped acts such Iggy Azalea? I think the guys point is that there exists a range of appreciation, and some should be at the top, and others the bottom, but only based on talent, not on booty pics, sex tape leaks and computer editing.

    • Natedogg265

      “living legend” what does that mean? He’s a man you have the hot’s for is all.

  • jerry

    Great guitar player, but hes music lately hasnt been up to par. sorry, this is comming from a prince fan

    • Edmon Scott

      Lately, your spelling hasn’t been up to par. Always a critic, never a genius lol

    • Richard Dean

      It’s ok. It just means Prince has left you behind.

    • RazzleSpazzle

      I hear you, but you also have to judge Prince against his peers. The man IS in his fifties, and life only gets harder with age. Where are his peers? Rick James? Michael Jackson? Dead. Madonna? Making a fool of herself with no clothes on looking like the crypt keeper.
      I say Prince as a working musician is doing EXTREMELY well considering the range of possible pitfalls he dodged.
      Prince as a hit maker is probably done though. What else can he write?

  • Zack Lindo

    Not up to scratch i’m afraid. Trouble with Prince is he plays too many games with his fans. For ages we wanted a rock album from him. But all we got was weak funk albums by the bucket load. Now the rock album has come, But i’m sorry i’m not interested anymore. I spent too long waiting. I found better. And from artists that don’t play with your head.

    • DMBDirect

      Same here…he is way cool as a musician and performer. However the mess with your head ‘I’m mysterious’ thing has past it’s sell by date.
      I don’t think he cares about mass appeal. He just makes what he wants, but misses the opportunity to educate the masses with his music, something he claims he wants to do, because he is too busy hiding behind his own enigma.
      It’s a shame, I hardly care anymore, I just want to hear some rocking music that has soul.

    • Dolph Ramey

      Valid points but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Javier Gangoiti

    What pedal used Prince in the first melody – 00:15 – ? That sounds really funny and amazing!

  • Dolph Ramey

    The man has a pair of big ones for sure. Guitar centric music should never be out of style but it takes Prince to make that a reality in 2014.
    Amen, Amen.

  • portis

    (1.) prince always has hot babes playing with him (2.) prince kills it (3.) has anyway realized that this is a rip off of a PANTERA song???

  • Ryan Marshall

    What’s happened to this clip?! Have been trying to find it everywhere – was an amazing few moments of The Man in his element.

    Madison, please repost!