Prince "Breakfast Can Wait" official video

UPDATE: Look like Prince‘s uncut official video for “Breakfast Can Wait” is here. Watch all 4 minutes and seconds of this choreographed sexiness. Like we said when we first posted on it, This is what a Prince song is supposed to sound like–and the video seems designed to show the viral generation what a music video is supposed to look like as well. When we put the teaser image (those lips, that eye!) out to our network and said ‘who’s this girl impersonating Prince?’ the answer we got back (from some people who should know) was: That’s Prince’s new girl. Her agency says Danielle Curiel is a dancer, singer, model & actress. Her image onscreen says, That ain’t Dave Chappelle, son. If she stays true to Prince-protége form, she should be up for some type of Grammy or something like a year from now, so maybe get familiar. Purchase “Breakfast Can Wait” on iTunes here and enjoy the video below:

Prince delivers the teaser for “Breakfast Can Wait” – the recent single most famous for its cover art appropriating Dave Chappelle‘s equally unforgettable impersonation of Prince – ahead of the full video directed by Danielle Curiel. The clip boasts a female stand-in for the purple one and a choreographed dance number featuring Curiel. All pancakes aside, this teaser gives the distinct impression that it could be the first formal music video to emerge from the heavy influx of goodies Prince has been dropping as of late; one-off singles and carefully crafted show footage have made up the bulk of the releases until now. No word yet on whether Prince or Dave Chappelle will appear in the video as Prince, but I wouldn’t count it out. Check the footage below to watch the official teaser for “Breakfast Can Wait.” Stay tuned for more coming soon.


  • Love Prince

    Prince and these damn 30 second clips, tease tease tease

  • mr hyperbole

    This lil jam is probably one of the best lone 30 seconds of music ever lol

  • Lala

    Oh lord, that was wack. Did we fly back to the 2000s with these choreographed girls vs boys dances? I guess it was either that or soft-core porn like every other video out there, and Prince ain’t doing that no mo. The ending (the hands at the table) was creative, but outside of that, it was corny.

    • trina-ballerina

      the hands on the table, and the entire scene, are a direct and blatant rip-off from the ballet The Green Table. done in the late 70’s. it is exactly the same choreography. what plagiarism.

  • Michelle my belle

    the two leads look like Prince’s children.

  • Marc Robinson

    I could care less for what the video looks like. There hasn’t been real innovation in that department for a long time. And I don’t mean just Prince I mean as a whole. Music videos haven’t been that relevant in my opinion. Anyways I am excited to hear a song from Prince that I like. I’ve been a Prince fan for a long time and it feels like it’s been about 10 or 15 years since the man has put a song out that’s been music to my ears. This song sounds good.