Phony PPL live at the Fillmore, DC on New Years Eve 2013

Hope you had a mindblowing New Years Eve but we’re here to tell you that nobody rang in the New Year harder than the crowd at The Fillmore in Washington, DC, where one of our favorite up and coming acts Phony PPL rocked the crowd of revelers in their opening set for The Legendary Roots Crew. The Sandlot TV crew was on hand to document the magic in a little mini-doc they call ‘A Phony New Years Eve’ and Okayplayer is proud to bring it to you exclusively. While you’re getting in the Phonified spirit, those good PPL just dropped a new video for their song “Statues”–also directed by Sandlot, as it happens, and also featuring lots of dope live footage of the Ph.PPL blowing up one crowd at a time (get into that after the jump). Watching both together, can’t help feeling like we might be witnessing the birth of a whole new legendary…