Pete Rock Goes Comic Book Shopping Like A Boss

Go Comic Book Shopping w/ Pete Rock At NYC's Forbidden Planet

by zo
3 years ago

Go Comic Book Shopping w/ Pete Rock At NYC's Forbidden Planet

Amongst hip-hop’s inner-circles, it’s long been known that Pete Rock is a man of the books. Specifically, the comic books. And with the imminent arrival of his Petestrumentals LP, you’d think that Chocolate Boy Wonder might be taking a break from Stan Lee & Jack Kirby‘s weird and wild world of super-humans and mutants, but that just ain’t so. A new video of PR hitting the books at NYC’s Forbidden Planet finds the Bronx-born beat magician gushing over his favorite characters and writers with stan-level expertise (see what I did there?), but if you’ve ever glanced at either his Instagram or Twitter accounts, you already knew that was very well the case. It’s a short one, but the video proves yet again that the bond between hip-hop and comic book squares is and always will be of Hulk-like proportions. Pete Rock’s Petestrumentals 2 LP is set for a June 23rd release  and is available to preorder on iTunes today, putting at ease an anxiously awaiting public Dig into the books with Pete Rock below and stay tuned for the latest from The Soul Brother in the weeks to come.

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