Pass The Popcorn: Q-Tip Teams With Leo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill For Native Tongues TV Series

Thats right folks. Our very own Q-Tip is getting tapped for a Native Tongues inspired television series by Scorsese’s Wall Street cohorts Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. The series is still very much in the conceptual stage, but we do know that it will revolve around the NT movement, which showcased a collective of groups like ATCQ, De La Soul, Black Sheep and The Jungle Brothers (not to mention countless affiliates) Q-Tip who was one of the young patriarchs of that progressive period that spawned the backpackers, is no doubt a chief consultant on the dynamic between the groups. We don’t know about a time frame, but if the star-power behind this project is any indication of the types of potential narratives, then we need it tomorrow. We’ll have more on the project as details unfold.


  • dingo_egret


  • bert

    How funny. I was watching the award show & when I saw Leo I remember how in the 90’s tip & him were buddies.

  • bobby bodega

    This is the type of programming OUR CULTURE NEEDS on TV rather than the garbage Mona Scott chooses to use to portray us!

  • boogens

    The Native Tongues movement did not spawn the backpackers movement. Nor was that a movement, or even a period in hip-hop, but the Afro-centric one was.