Pass The Popcorn: Chadwick Boseman Can't Fake The Funk -'Get On Up' Official Trailer

Its here y’all. The official trailer for the long-awaited James Brown biopic Get On Up is finally here and its a doozy. Chadwick Boseman lights up the screen, channeling JB’s most charismatic and primal sides in one fell swoop. The Tate Taylor-directed chronicle will chart JB’s triumphant and turbulent rise from destitute poverty in Augusta, Georgia to the electric and legendary performer that’s cemented into the funk tradition as the embodiment of “The One.” The buddha of funk if you will, leading the crusade to teach the world about the message he was ordained with. The foundational, most rooted principle that exists in the language; that everything is on the one.

Producers Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger look to have done a bang-up job supervising the film, as the star-studded cast includes Jill Scott, Aloe Blacc, Octavia Spencer, True Blood star Nelsan Ellis as hype-man archetype Bobby ByrdCraig Robinson as the equally legendary Maceo Parker, our very own Black Thought as Maceo’s right hand sax-man Pee Wee Ellis and Dan Aykroyd as JB’s longtime manager and UAA founder Ben Bart. I know we got the on-set shots just the other day, but who knew we’d get an official trailer as a follow-up so soon? Hey, we’re not complaining, as this peek into the rebooted, revamped brainchild of two monstrous forces in the entertainment industry seems to have taken fully-realized form. Go ahead and get you first glance of the James Brown biopic Get On Up below, and see you in line at the theater on August 1st.


  • sceezone

    Man. . JB’s voice is so iconic, it grates my skin when I hear Boseman. He might have played him well, I truly can’t get past his voice.

  • owlcove

    This role should of been Eddie Murphy’s, him and James talked about it before he died. I guess if the paper ain’t right, ain’t shit happenin’, shame.

  • GeorgiaPeaches

    I don’t think people realize Eddie Murphy is 53 years old, while Chadwick is in his early 30s I believe. Most of the people that were once attached to the JB biopic are now past middle-aged. In other words, they can’t portray JB before 1974 unlike Chadwick who can still pull off being 20 years old. My biggest gripe is Tate Taylor being the director. Casting I like as of now.