Andre 3000 photographed for FADER magazine's cover story on Outkast
photo courtesy Fader magazine

We don’t know whether it’s his musical talent, his fondness for extravagant outfits or that moustache which earned him the role, but Andre 3000 will be playing Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic titled All Is By My Side. The film – written and directed by John Ridley of U Turn and Three Kings fame – will document Hendrix’ period in England between 1966 and 1967, as he was working on his debut album Are You Experienced. Sure, Andre’s done some acting before, but this feels like a major leap for Three Stacks. Let’s just hope he’ll still find the time to crank out some verses every now and then if his acting career takes off.

In case you missed out on the last OkayProjector update, there is also a black cowboy opera by Jeymes Samuel aka The Bullitts (co-starring Erykah Badu) and a new addition to Spike Lee‘s “Chronicles of Brooklyn” series on the way.


  • If the Steve Jobs movie comes out before this and The Miles Davis joint with Don Cheadle i will loose all hope for the film industry.

  • gonna believe it when i see it.

  • Idris

    Oooo! Can’t wait!