Olamide - "When You're Gone"

OKP Premiere: Olamide Shares The Breezy New Ballad "When You're Gone"

by zo
3 years ago

OKP Premiere: Olamide Shares The Breezy New Ballad "When You're Gone"

[Photo By Bern Hardy]

Harlem-based soul-smasher Olamide has made a name for himself in the city’s inner r&b circles with a penchant for velvety melodics and masterful balladry. And while there’s no full body of work to rep his budding brilliance as a songwriter, any number of NYC and Brooklyn mainstays can attest. Today, we have the distinct pleasure of premiering a lovely new tune on his behalf; the breezy and buoyant number “When You’re Gone.” Commencing with a hypnotic, phased-for-days guitar lick and O’s tender croon, the track channels vintage r&b, but fits it to a palette that borders on the psychedelic, before transforming into something wholly rooted in the textures of the time, like a new-aged Ron Isley or if Frank Ocean slipped into a more organic r&b mode. If this new joint happens to be an introduction to the super smooth musical stylings of Olamide, I’d kindly point you towards his collaboration with local bass-man and frequent collaborator Brady Watt on the hard-hitting, yet supremely dulcet offering “How We Livin'” off of Watt’s solo debut Lifetronics. Listen to Olamide’s new single “When You’re Gone” below and be sure to stay tuned, as we continue to hear whispers of a forthcoming project.

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