Okayplayspace: Nitty Scott, MC "Language Arts"

Okayplayspace: Nitty Scott, MC "Language Arts" (Free Download)

Nitty Scott, MC for Okayplayspace

Nitty Scott, MC is among the many young and talented emcees making a name for themselves in New York in 2013. She made believers out of us thanks to songs like “Flower Child” (feat. Kendrick Lamar) and “Bath Salt Freestyle.” Born in Michigan and raised in Florida, Nitty now calls Brooklyn home. Coney Island to be exact.  We dropped in on one of her recent studio sessions in Times Square where she’s working on her new album The Art Of Chill (out this summer) and talked everything from 808’s, the much-missed Brooklyn venue Southpaw, to how she got started as an emcee!

After you check out the interview, don’t miss the exclusive download of a brand new Nitty Scott, MC track, “Language Arts,” produced by Good Reverend Dr.

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