Nas x Q-Tip perform "One Love" live on The Tonight Show w/ The Roots

NaS and fellow King of Queens Q-Tip join forces to perform “One Love” with a little help from The Roots like it was 1994 and my ghetto dreams had just been fulfilled. This is exactly the type of shit that God ordained The Roots as the house band at The Tonight Show for. I don’t know what to say about this one other than to type out all the words from memory as I sing along like Jerome’s niece on the way home from Jones Beach. The x factor of course is The Roots’ interpolation of The Heath Brothers’Smilin’ Billy Suite Pt. II” and of course the legendary killed it with an uptempo, fast-cadenced version but with James Poyser on the ill thumb piano parts to recreate the texture of of the melancholy original. The only thing that could make this better is if Tip & The Roots joined Nas on “The World Is Yours” as a web-only Illmatic XX encore. Oh shit, son…!



    Such a dope performance! Love how they did the original and the tip remix. Roots the best in the business!

  • Rey Lal Salam

    long live NAS!! Thaa gawd! Queens stand up! Crooklyn stand up!

  • dom1

    YES! God bless your life! NaS & Q-Tip! Classic! Timeless!

  • DoobieDave

    Sometimes I forget how amazing Nas is….I should slap my damn self.

  • kb

    “…On the real, all these crab dudes know the deal, when we start the revolution all they probably do is squeal”….love this album…Poyser on on thumb piano is sick!

    • drtish

      He needs to make something straight instrumental and bless us all. He does have skill.

  • Inkosi

    They slipped the remix in there too. They are something else!

  • Action B

    Q-tip = worst hypeman. It should be AZ up there. even though the track was produced by Q.

  • Nicholas Warren

    awesome as fuck

  • drtish

    After Anthony Mackie got buck wild on Friday it’s just a matter of time until the Fox News types say the tonight show is not made for ‘regular Americans’

  • jd

    Oh Shit indeed. That made my soul feel better.

  • Cory Kowalchuk

    tips wearing the kicks from back to the future

  • James

    Legendary performance. Of course the audience lames out on the melody part.

  • JuEl



    God yes!!!

  • Joseph A. Michetti

    literally saw this exact performance at the roots picnic a few years back. True hip-hop, legendary shit.

  • Kris Peterson


  • musizman

    James on the kalimba and Bruh on the bass…so much flow……This is Hip Hop…Nas master flow!