nas pre illmatic demo full album

This is really the week of unreleased leaks. For any casual Nas fans (do those exist?), a recently posted stream of pre-Illmatic  material will provide you with eleven high quality early demos. A majority of the tracks previously were collected on Nasty Nas (The Original 1991 Demo Tape) There are songs produced by homie Large Professor and appearances by hip hop heavyweights Biz Markie and Kool G. Rap. While his first LP is considered one of the finest debuts in rap, it’s still illuminating to hear him pumping out gems at an even younger age.   Check out the tracklist and album stream below.

Pre- Illmatic Demo Tracklist

1. Understanding 0:00
Featuring AZ & Biz Markie
2. Life Is Like A Dice Game 3:12
3. Just Another Day In The Projects 5:51
4. Déjà Vu 9:04
Produced by Chris Winston
5. Back To The Grill 12:51
Featuring MC Serch feat. Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone
Produced by T-Ray
6. Everything Is Real 17:53
Featuring Shapelle
7. I’m A Villain 20:09
Produced by Large Professor
8. Number One With A Bullet 24:31
Featuring Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy
9. Nas Will Prevail (It Ain’t Hard To Tell Original) 28:47
Produced by Large Professor
10. On The Real (Original) 33:45
Featuring Akinyele, Screwball, & Cormega
11. Live At The BBQ 37:13
Featuring Fatal & Akinyele




  • Morgan Asbury

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! He was born to rip mics. Naturally effortless perfection.

  • CnQ

    Deju vu is not pre Illmatic. It was recorded between Illmatic and it was written.

  • Greg Thomas


  • J

    “A majority of the tracks previously were collected on Nasty Nas (The Original 1991 Demo Tape)”

    In fact all of these tracks were were collected on Nasty Nas (The Original 1991 Demo Tape) except for “Live At The BBQ” from the Main Source album “Breaking Atoms”

    Nothing new / unheard here at all.

  • josh

    is there a download link for track by track of the album

  • Jae Supreme

    Nas (Villian) was produced by Jae Supreme from Queensbridge NY and is now available on ITUNES