What do you get when crossing the Cali-grown indie rap of Murs with the pop punk of Duval County-representers Whole Wheat Bread? A) A project called The Invincibles B) A Free EP or C) Some summery punk rap goodness that can set your car stereo ablaze on your next road trip? The correct answer is in fact all of the above, as we now get six songs that the tandem recorded in 2008 (back when Murs was still rockin’ those dreads) for no fee whatsoever. Peep the video for “I-10” above and download the entire project over here. In case you missed it, check out that other recent Murs video for his joint with Ski Beatz too.


  • Greg

    Like a black Offspring lol how old is this never heard of them before Murs still has his crazy hair