Miley Cyrus teams with The Roots to deliver an ultra-tight beatbox and a capella performance of “We Can’t Stop” live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The intricate vocal percussion and lively adlibs amp up the track for an endearing rework that proves without a doubt that The Roots can indeed do whatever they want. Miley Cyrus holds it down at the helm with a bright vocal and relaxed delivery that will seem decidedly tame as compared to her performances in past months. This joint is a solid home run that features host Jimmy Fallon on the assist. Check the footage below to watch Miley Cyrus and The Roots performing their a capella version of “We Can’t Stop” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.


  • Gday

    The Roots = rehab for Miley

  • Why?!

    Please stop. I beg of you.

  • i’ll let this slide…

  • lucy logan

    is it just me or do they seem to have trouble containing their embarassment at the big butts line

    • misile

      especially Black Thought…

    • noz

      i can see quest and black thought dancing with molly

  • Elle Jai

    Only because its the Roots!

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    The Roots can make anyone not suck

    • Ace Axel

      I have to agree with you! They polished this song up really nicely.

  • Eric Wilson

    Thought should have spit on it. Maybe he can jump on the REMIX produced by ?uestlove!?

  • I cant believe this but this is actually kinda dope. It just goes to show that the influence of real artist can turn around any train wreck.

  • Kenneth D. Aston Jr.

    Awwww added “The Roots” now your crappy song sounds so much better lol

  • BooTheseCats

    This is some bull. The original song is horrible as well. Love the Roots, but so tired of seeing this corny unsexy chick it’s not funny. Crazy how everything on the radio for the last 6 yrs. is in the same key w/ the same stupid cadence. Oh well, glad to see the Roots on NBC though.

  • nixon

    Not the first time she’s in the middle of 8 dudes…

  • Ibrahim Kafani Hassan Cisse

    roots are true musicians they can make any and everything sound good with or without instruments

  • ladadeedadee

    THIS IS GREAT. Watch the bottom right

  • dnapants

    As much as I love The Roots I can’t give play counts and page views to anything involving Miley anymore. It’s freaking nuts.

  • Tamis Ferreira


  • dukenny

    The Roots can even make Miley Cirus listenable.

  • Cuttles

    That was horrible.

  • Blackthought > Miley

    Needs more Blackthought, only reason most of us pressed play.

  • Kim King

    That was dope

  • doomcannonrainman

    It’s not as terrible as people are making it out to be, but Miley can be OK if she 1) stopped poking her stupid tongue out, 2) made songs with actual content, and 3) refrained from participating in vapid, attention-whoring activities.

  • P_Dizzle

    Go Miley, do what you want!! Roots rule!! Forget your haters indeed!!

  • guest

    I love the roots more than I despise that train wreck……was curious to see if they could make her disappear. Did y’all see Quest when she says only God can judge us and the next breath says tryin to get a line in the bathroom. Wth. She makes me embarrassed to be human.