Listen To Miguel's Surprise 'nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee' EP

Miguel Drops Off Surprise 'nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee' EP

by zo
3 years ago

Miguel Drops Off Surprise 'nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee' EP

Oh it’s been some time since we’ve heard some new sonic somethings from Miguel. Late last night, your boy decided it was time to end the wait, letting loose the surprise EP nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee, a menage of sensual and sultry new joints for you to get with just before the holidays set in. The first track “nwa” features Kurupt on mic duties, while the soundscape itself recalls a swagged-out Spaghetti Western with Curtis Mayfield wheeling and dealing on the score, driven by fuzzy guitar and total impropriety. Track 2 or “hollywooddreams” feels like it could be a Kaleidoscope Dream outtake or just an ambitious ode to Tinseltown and all its glitzy glory. Finally, “coffee” is something we’ve actually caught a glimpse of kinda recently and this extended sweat-soaked cut of that clip is better left for those night-time-is-the-right-time moments. The EP comes as a follow-up to his work with The Chemical Brothers on the Lorde-curated Hunger Games : Mockingjay OST and the lustful, indecisive slow-rocker “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe” with Jesse Ware on her recent pop-perfect Tough Love LP. Seeing as how we were treated to a short EP just before Kaleidoscope Dream hit stores, it’s officially time to keep your head on a swivel, folks. While you wait, lay your ears on this quick treat from Miguel. Stream his nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee EP below.

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