It’s a well known fact that Black Thought knows just about every lyric every relevant rapper has ever spit (only a slight exaggeration). Before last night’s airing of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he proved this once again as he teamed with Method Man to form a two-man version of the Voltron-like force that is Wu-Tang. Watch Mr. Mef and Black spit verses back and forth off the Wu’s breakout first single “Protect Ya Neck” (with The Roots Crew backing them up). You’ll remember the Clan (sans Meth) was on hand to perform the same track this past fall, but this is definitely worth watching again (and again). Photo: Mel D. Cole


  • Tight! (1st)

  • Dopeness!

  • That’s that that golden era kids.

  • Wow…this is on repeat

  • Ronnie Delk

    You can keep you 50 cents, Drakes and Lil Wayne’s. Lock this up in your vault of classics. This here will be recited for years, 50 years from now will still be as fresh as it was in ’93. I’ll be in a wheel chair in a nursing home bumping this with my grand kids.

    • e brooks

      true…but that first fiddy disc is classic and i suspect we will be sing-songing ‘many men…wish death upon me but i don’t care…”

    • Twan

      Power of the Dollar is his first album. True, it is unreleased but by far his best.

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  • james Diener

    sweet shit.

  • james Diener

    Wu in my opinion….. the best, the roots are definitely up there as well!

  • middleWave

    i love the fact they sold this out of car trunks before they struck a deal. and i can’t believe this song is 20 years old now. long live wu-tang clan!

  • Superb!

  • They need to get the whole crew there to perform with The Roots, and have Tariq do ODB’s parts. For the whole damn show!

  • RedDogSlim

    Mef had fun!

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