Masta Killa Selling My Soul album art

Rae isn’t the only member out the Clan with some new ish on deck. A week from today, Masta Killa will be dropping his latest album, Selling My Soul, via Nature Sounds (his first LP in 6 years). He linked with Deck last time around to find out if y’all are listening, now he gets with 9th Wonder to feed you his latest single.


  • J-Dubb

    Thank You God! I mean that. From Undun, to Dreamer Believer, to Life is Good, to good kid MAAD City, to the Wu, whether you like it or not 2012 was alright and Im over thirty. Shout out to 96

  • Bryce13

    Yes sir, finally someone talking about something. A message to bring, creating seeds, Americans once dreamed, now steeped in deceit.