Irangeles (Iran/Los Angeles) emcee Malkovich seems to impress me with every project he puts out. “What I Know” was a dope track that caught my attention, then his concept EP, Lethal Vice, with P.U.D.G.E. really made me a fan. But dude gets a little deeper with this new video “Lies.” I can always appreciate a good video that conveys a worthwhile message without any crazy bells and whistles, and director Hashim Thomas does just that with this vid. Let go of that baggage and check the video for the Evilldewer produced song, below. You can download Malkovich’s latest album, Great Expectations, at his Bandcamp page.


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  • LeewithMe

    MALKY! dope video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT DOWNTOWN L.A. ?
    i went to high school with Malkovich. He and I both grew up in the wealthiest suburb of Los Angeles. Dope video for sure but i must say that Malkovich you are exaggerating your street cred, dude.
    crag, your from Brentwood man. not the hood.
    GREAT VIDEO THOUGH!! BLX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!