Lou The Human Drops Two Videos for "Macklemore"

Photo of Lou the Human courtesy of YouTube.

Why drop one video when you can drop two.

This is the situation that up-and-coming Staten Island rapper Lou the Human found himself in recently, in correlation with his latest track “Macklemore.”   

The 21-year-old rapper released two videos for the song. The two visuals are quite similar; both are dark and both feature the rapper strolling around his neighborhood amongst some chaos.

Lou the Human premiered the visuals for both on Pigeons and Planes. When asked why he put out two videos for “Macklemore,” Lou had a pretty simple answer:

“I’m indecisive as f*ck and couldn’t figure out which one was good.”


Watch the “Macklemore” videos below. Lou the Human’s new project, the Humaniac EP, is coming soon.

H/T: Pigeons and Planes