Legendary Selector & Futurist King Britt Pays Tribute To Sandra Bland & Michael Brown With 'SubServe And Unprotect: A Sonic Response' At Afrofuturism NOW!

Legendary selector and futurist King Britt presents footage of the groundbreaking SubServe and Unprotect: A Sonic Response set – his answer to corrupt police incidents in the U.S. The clip from his October 2015 performance at WORM Rotterdam for AfroFuturism NOW! includes pitched down dispatch and video dialog from police stops involving Sandra Bland, Michael Brown and others. The audio is spread across a pulsating soundscape that expands and contracts in time with the tension of the recordings. Taking these sounds away from sensationalized broadcasts and placing them into the artistic space far afield of major media outlets, Britt bundles tribute and griot tradition into an avante-garde electro performance that redefines activism outside of the matrix, where the voices of the dead will never be silenced. Check the footage below to watch the full set. Get more on WORM Rotterdam via worm.org. Get more from King Britt via drip.fm.