Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z

Blue-eyed soulman, friend of Fallon and bowtie pimp Justin Timberlake debuted two new songs at a post-Superbowl event in New Orleans last night, in addition to the promised live premiere of his “Suit & Tie” collaboration with Jay-Z. Both Jay and newly-signed-to-Roc-Nation überproducer Timbaland joined the star on stage for the private Direct TV event, which kicked off JT’s comeback and the beginning of real promotional festivities for his new LP The 20/20 Experience, due out March 19th. Timberlake also blessed the assembled crowd with previews fo two songs from the album, namely “Little Pusher Lover Girl” and the confusingly similar “That Girl.” Scroll down to watch all three performances below.



  • Matthew Allen

    Sounds like this album may be one of the best of 2013, but I still stand firm: As brilliant as Timbo is, JT sounds WAY better with The Neptunes. Unfortunately record company red tape & bad blood forbids Justin from working with them further. Hope JT & Pharrell collaborate again soon. “Like I Love You” & “Senorita” is STILL in heavy rotation on my iPod.

  • John William Harris

    I like all three of these songs. Can’t wait until JT’s album drops. Personally I prefer the Timberlake/Timbaland sound as opposed to the Timberlake/Neptunes sound. Just my opinion though. Neptunes still go hard though.

  • Kwane

    Definitely Matt! Justified is my favorite Timberlake album and the Neptunes tracks were mos def the standouts!