john legend all of me official video still

John Legend teams with new wife Chrissy Teigen and director Nabil Elderkin to deliver the official video for “All Of Me” from his Love In The Future LP. The video follows the release of the G.O.O.D. Music crooner’s fourth solo studio album and his recent nuptials in Como, Italy. Proving the honeymoon has only just begun, John Legend and his wife go from playful to impassioned lovers in a matter of minutes. Legend and Teigen invite the camera in to document them doing everything from sharing breakfast to embracing during a tender moment in bed. The video and album release were preceded by a dust up over a still from the shoot featuring Teigen’s exposed nipple. It quickly becomes obvious that their love for each other – a very real manifestation of John Legend’s lyrical vow – supersedes such a semantic issue. In the end the footage translates their bond with all of the sensuality, beauty and class that accompanied their wedding; John Legend and Chrissy Teigen share a clip of their special day at the close of the video. Watch the John Legend’s “All Of Me” video below. Purchase the Love In The Future LP via iTunes.


  • D

    Beautiful stuff John, congrats. You guys make a really good-looking couple.

  • LANA

    ..`People who live where you live are not allowed to watch this video.Not because we don`t luv yabut because owners has some restrictions.the good news is there are tens of thousands of other videos to choose from.` Oh,I am one lucky bastard then..

  • kim

    Absolutely beautiful video for a fantastic song. Definitely tugs at the heart strings! Congratulations!

  • Mrs.Williams<3

    <3 .. Gorgeous

  • EbonyJames

    Well, of course he didn’t marry a black woman. She is a slut to bare her breast for the whole world to gawk at. What happened to saving something sacred for the marriage. They will be divorced in 8 years.

    • Katie Turner

      God Bless you because it sounds like you are full of hate. I don’t understand what her not being black has to do with anything. I am a white woman and married a black man and we are very happy. Who are you to say they will divorce? Why do you have to be so negative. Why can’t you be happy for them?

    • Noora

      Wishing you all the BEST .. Great to see some wise people in this world. LOVE doesn’t understand colour, race, religion, background or language. We ALL people in the end and the only reason that we divided to many different backgrounds is to prove to the creator how GREAT we can connect and communicate with each other showing love and respect.

    • turn up12

      thats right too girl

    • jojo

      Im black and im not offended…i just love love & if thats who he loves who are you to hate?

    • baby

      You are a ugly jealous person because she is beautiful and a model and what do her not being black have to do with that, this sounds like a you are not marry and who wants you they will not paid a penny or a dime for your ass.If you don’t no nothing about her then keep you mouth shut i can tell that you are young and stupid.only a-hole would same something dumb like you. I think that this video they did together was beautiful and so was her breast and there marriage will last a long time.

    • turn up12

      your right girl

    • Sassy Pants

      What is this? The 50’s? Racisim works both ways my friend. Opinions are like assholes. Everyones got one…and they generally stink. Yours especially.

    • Biskit

      I agree with the slut and devorced part. People these days think it’s ok for a man or a woman to be naked in public because they have been trained to accept it since childhood.

    • Kate

      You’re so precised…8 years on a dot.

    • turn up12

      hey <3

    • YouGotToBeKiddingMe

      Wow we wow wow wow are you also going to issue a video manifesto as well?

    • Pascal Too

      Am sorry 2 say this tho it may offend u ur js a jelous idiot…c’mon use ur maggot brain in ur big bomb shell head 2 think twice b4 u say anythng…Ass in da hole

  • Jessica Donna Biebel


  • larryatlarge

    I have nothing against a white woman marrying a black man. I just have a tinge of sadness for beautiful black women who seem to get passed over by successful black men. Is it always love, or is there another element to it. Ask a black woman what I’m talking about and she’ll tell you!