Out Of The Blue: Jay Electronica Drops "Better In Tune w/ The Infinite"

In what seems to be an act of genuine goodwill, Jay Electronica has graced us with “Better In Tune w/ The Infinite” featuring LaTonya Givens. The orchestrally centered –potential one-off–track commences with a drop via The Professor’s speech from The Wizard Of Oz laid over some harrowing piano licks and gentle string arrangements. In comes Jay’s thoughtful swoon just before the impressive Miss Givens caps off this dreamy soundscape with a layered church vocal that is simply supreme. Released in a fit of gratitude–see below– for his experience at this year’s SXSW, the track is a welcome drop to a starved fan based that has been chomping at the bit since the Notorious B.I.G homage cut from a few days back. You can read the twitter exchange that spawned the the free drop below as well as the song itself.

Jay Elect has been spotted around Austin TX during this year’s SXSW. First at the Watch The Throne show for Samsung. The following day at The Fader Fort after which Jay came through and showed love by staying the duration at our Okayfuture showcase where this photo of him, Just Blaze, and Dan The Automator was taken at the end of the night. All three of those guys were later spotted at the Illmore mansion. Director Jason Goldwatch instagrammed this great photo of Jay E and Nas backstage at the Mass Appeal showcase a few hours ago. We understand Act II has been been done so be sure to keep it locked for more on the ever-ellusive ghost wunderkind.

Out Of The Blue: Jay Electronica Drops "Better In Tune w/ The Infinite"

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  • Peabo Bronson

    Jay-Z fell asleep at the wheel when he didn’t release this. Now that Kanye Jay and Beyonce have set the precedent of releasing hit albums with zero traditional promotion, just let this loose already.

  • jd

    Tears after hearing this. My soul feels better foreal.

  • Dawud West

    First speaker is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad!

  • Geevader

    Jay Elect is still the man! Drop the album already!!!

  • StanleyIpkis

    One of the best lyricist to ever spit on the Mic. This song proves it. The lyrics are perfectly written and perfectly performed. Noone can do it better.

  • Nivla

    The second part of the intro is from “The Wizard of OZ.”