Jack Davey Shit Gets Deep

Jack Davey and her L0-F! adventures continue today with the video to her Side B closing track, “Shit Gets Deep.” “This video illustrates the burning of my old self, so I can reemerge as a new artist with new content,” explains Jack. “I had a certain level of comfort with J*DaVeY, and now I don’t really know what to expect anymore. After we released New Designer Drug and Brooke [D’Leau] signed on to tour with Miguel, the dynamic of my band changed. With L0-F!, I’m shedding J*DaVeY to be rediscovered as a solo artist.” Video directed by Nal Vasha. The L0-F! trilogy will be closing out on December 11th with the release of L0-F! D’Lux.


  • YCBS

    I’m Black, so no Black folks take offense….Ya know, Black folks are scared of real rock n’ roll music-This is someone trying to be edgy and rebellious by swinging a guitar around on a bed with fire burning. I call Bullsh*t! Her last video she barely played the guitar, yet took/takes on a “rock” aesthetic. This lady refused to even stay on beat or in the pocket on this song. Also whomever mixed it needs to be fired…Hell, even Rhianna and other Black artists keep throwing around thisterm “rock star” , yet the music doesn’t/isn’t rock! Okay, so you have distorted guitars now instead of crappy offbeat keyboards and cheap sounding drum beats like you had in J*Davey-so what. If she was an unknown people would say it sucks. I have a feeling they will say this sucks…Jack Davey, you’re kinda hot looking in a way, in certain pics,I guess, but overall, sis,
    You Can’t Be Serious

    (That goes for a lot of foolishness that you hear at the Afropunk festivals too)-a few good acts but tons of b.s disguised as “different” -FOH

  • Annielittle84

    I agree this was a waste of money I have spent on i-tunes.I want my money back!

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  • Badabing

    FINALLY SOMEONE SAYS IT, BESIDES ME! I am SOOO mad I spent my money on this! This is an insult to her so-called fans who I know are eating this crap up. She threw this together and then charged entirely too much for it…. aka., it should have been free. It sounds like a bunch of demos and not fully fledged songs. Spend time on your music! Respect it! This is shameful, and the videos are so lame. Trying so hard just to end up looking like a huge poser.