House Shoes puts in some serious curation work with his latest project. This morn he released Dreams – B.I.G. Re:Imagined, 13 Biggie tracks remixed by Shoes, Nottz, Waajeed, Knx, NAMELESS, 14KT, P.U.D.G.E., Quelle Chris, Khrysis, Chanes, and Brenk Sinatra. Says Shoes: “On March 9th, I got a lightbulb. My lightbulbs are usually pretty flawless. Sent a bunch of B.I.G. acapellas to the homies. This is the result.” Some real strong remixes on here, get the full project, below.




  • 14KT had the best one… I’m not biased at all…. Ain’t nobody f___ing with the League tho…

  • Brenk Sinatra nailed that Ten Crack Commandments for my money, I ain’t hating on 14KT though, did the damn thing! Nottz destroyed it as expected…NASTY!!!