Here Are All Of The Instrumentals From Frank Ocean's Livestream

Tonight’s the night, y’all. If all goes according to plan, we’ll have Frank Ocean‘s new album by the time we wake up tomorrow morning (though I imagine there will be quite a few of us pulling that all-nighter just to see and hear it through.) So while we still have some time to speculate — and the brain-space to do it without falling over with frustration — it’s time to dig a little deeper into that cryptic-ass livestream with a full collection of the instrumentals and overtures, compiled by some attentive ears and dedicated fans on Reddit. Namely, YungBabyBoi813, who sat and captured every synth, guitar and orchestra interlude featured in the tediously mysterious stream.

And if the album doesn’t drop tonight (or tomorrow or this year) this collection could stand as the next best thing to a new Frank album. But let’s just hope this is a warm-up and not thing we’ll have from Frank until July 32nd of 2026. Suppose we’ll know for sure right around midnight tonight. Stream all of the instrumentals from Frank Ocean’s live steam in the player below and stay tuned for the drop (fingers and all other appendages crossed.)