Hannibal Buress at work on new music w/ Flying Lotus! [OKP TV interview]

Hannibal Buress Reveals He's Working On New Music w/ Flying Lotus On "The Questions" For OKP TV

Hannibal Buress reveals he is working on music w/ Flyng Lotus on 'The Questions" for OKP TV

Hannibal Buress is not only our favorite rising comedy star and gibberish-rapper, he is also one of our favorite people in general–and definitely our favorite person to hear talk about almost anything. We have been down with son for quite some time (we even recorded an off the cuff convo between Hannibal and rapper Fresh Daily a few years back that never got published–come by the office sometime, we’ll play it for you) but we took advantage of a rare window in his game-crushing program of  world Buress-ification (see his Comedy Central Special, not to mention Broad City) to have a chat on the grafitti’d-up sidewalk in front of the OKP offices. For all the above-mentioned reasons Hannibal seemed like an ideal victim, er subject, for the segment we call “The Questions”…the one where we bombard our favorite artist with whatever random or annoying queries pop into our head(s). In this case we asked him a few stunners, including chunking a few questions back at Hannibal that he had himself asked Questlove in a backstage interview that never got released (come by the office sometime, we’ll play it for you).

Hannibal touches on the eerie similarity between the two men’s alter egos (Hannibal’s first shows were under the stage name ‘Amir Natural’), the importance of pretty feet, pedicures and good credit–and the relative unimportance of bad reviews (“people are allowed to not like shit.”) The most interesting tidbit however, may be the confirmation that “Gibberish Rap” is no one-off…Hannibal Buress is actively messing around with new music, including some beats from Flying Lotus (!) Read the full quote below, and scroll down to watch the rest of “The Questions” on OKP TV:

“I may record some stuff and just see what happens. I got a new track I’m working on; Flying Lotus made the beat, so we working on something. It’s just fun for me to do something different.”

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