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UPDATE: Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman has cancelled The Zimmerman v. DMX fight originally scheduled for March 15th, tweeting out his cancellation in these words:

“More to life then money…I walked away from a million dollar payday with this fight but to be honest, I’d rather be happy and make people happy.”

Shortly afterward Feldman expounded to Rolling Stone:

“I looked into the eyes of my son and daughter today and couldn’t imagine someone killing them and getting off scot-free. It just really hurt. It was a tough decision because I could have made two million dollars here, but at least I have my dignity. I’m happy. Thank you.”


UPDATE: ABC News radio reports that DMX has said he is “not confirmed” to fight George Zimmerman, saying through his representative Domenick Nati:

“The boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX is not officially confirmed,”

Which may simply indicate that DMX is holding out for the right amount of money. It also means, however, that he can still be swayed into walking away from this travesty. With that in mind, ColorOfChange.org has officially launched a campaign to stop the match before it’s officially announced, asking right-thinking people of all races to:


“Please join us in urging DMX to do the right thing and pull out of this shameful stunt now.”


Feldman, who lost his promoter’s license — and was banned from promoting fights in his native Pennsylvania after admitting to court investigators that 95 percent of his matches were rigged4,5 — stands to profit handsomely from a fake fight designed to make money off anti-Black sentiment as much as from those of us outraged by Zimmerman’s murder acquittal.

And Zimmerman’s bizarre eagerness to fight a Black man, the more high-profile the better — in a fit of dissociation, Zimmerman announced on Monday he’d like to fight Kanye West because he “attack[s] defenseless people”6makes a mockery of his criminal defense claim that he feared for his life in a struggle with an unarmed 17-year-old boy. Indulging Zimmerman in his monstrous fantasy recreation of that night — at 5’11″, DMX is ironically Trayvon’s exact height, of which Zimmerman’s defense team made significant issue at trial7 — serves no actual purpose beyond driving money and attention to a violent sociopath and his bottom-feeder promoter.

Rather than giving Zimmerman and his legions of racist supporters what they want, let’s honor Trayvon’s memory — and prevent future tragedies like his — by demanding a justice system that values and protects Black lives. Let’s rid this nation of anti-Black policies like Shoot First and Stop-and-Frisk, and demand better of a media industry that demonizes Black men and boys, perpetuating the dangerous perception by people like George Zimmerman that violence against us is acceptable and necessary.8

Okayplayer fully supports this campaign and we are happy to stand with ColorOfChange in their efforts. Please take a moment to let DMX — and anyone else who might consider stepping in to fill his shoes — know that we’re looking to him to do the right thing for all the other Trayvons in our lives that we can’t bear to lose. Click below to find out more and…

>>>Urge DMX to cancel the fight now.



You may be aware–assuming your delete-George-Zimmerman-from-the-internet filter is not turned on–that the shooter in the Trayvon Martin tragedy put out a call recently to face off with “anybody who wants to fight him” in a celebrity boxing match. Names floated include Bahamian-born mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice, as well as rapper, Belly-star and professional trainwreck DMX, who put his name in by declaring:

“I am going to beat the living fuck out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him right up…Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my dick out and piss on him … right in his muthafuckin face.”

Indications were that Zimmerman was holding out for Kanye West. However late yesterday evening Tuesday, February 4th, Celebrity Boxing owner and promoter Damon Feldman released the news that DMX was indeed confirmed, having been selected out of 15,000 willing contenders.

Announcing February 4th all but ensured that other outlets would pick up the story and circulate the news today, February 5th–which is Trayvon Martin’s birthday.

There is so much wrong with this situation that it’s hard to know where to start identifying the Not Okay–or whether to comment at all. But this unfolding travesty is so emblematic of the whole fuckery of America and our dysfunctional way of processing injustice that it seems necessary to say something.



  • gingerlynn

    There’s something deep to unpack in the concept of having Zimmerman fight DMX, so that DMX sort of ends up representing a “stand in” for what Zimmerman and his supporters thought of Trayvon as, for their stereotype of the aggressive, violent black male… so then take it further, if they do fight and DMX does beat the living hell out of Zimmerman, it only reifies this stereotype of black masculinity – it’s a lose-lose situation, and it feels on purpose, like a set up.

    • I agree–somebody said that racism works to produce the object of its fear & there’s clearly a strong element of that here. Esp cause they are vetting & selecting DMX out of a pool of 15k applicants! Presumably because he was best suited to play the role of junkyard dog in this fake wrestling match

    • Munehamon

      I should have read your response before posting my own. Your comments were much more succinct and focused than my rambling denunciations. Well done !

    • Andrew Lauric

      Well put!

    • Leuris Santana

      Really? No fucking shit its a set up, and so what hes black!?! the fact that hes gonna beat the living hell out of ZIMMERMAN excites me. I cant wait to see that little bitch bleeding out on the ground.

  • Sanja

    so well written, so well put. I agree with every single word of this, and I wish we didn’t live in a world where this was acceptable, and more important, profitable.

  • jd

    Not true guys. This is not happening. Its kind of sad that when I saw CNN was the source I knew not to believe it. Like if it was TMZ, I would have given it more attention. Sad.

  • Dev DallasCowboy John

    Terrible were giving that mofo this much attention. Feeding right into his hands to keep himself relevant.

  • DJ♕Luminous

    thank you for writing this. very well said and done.

  • Deeg

    Correction…Ms. Fulton is her name; not Mrs. Martin.

  • Munehamon

    This is nothing more than an attempt by the racist white folks to legitimize Zimmermans murder of Trayvon Martin. DMX is the thug proxy for Trayvon, now if Zimmerman beats up DMX then for them it says “see, this is how thugs should be dealt with” thug being the code for for niggers.

    If DMX beats Zimmerman to a bloody pulp, once again racist white AmeriKKKa wins because it supports their narrative that black men are thugs and have to be dealt with, with violent force and prejudice.

    Its a lose, lose situation for people of color, black men and ultimately humanity.

    It is nothing more than modern day Birth of a Nation gladiatorial game, where the deck is stacked to one side with the expressed purpose of promoting white supremacist propaganda.

    All sponsors of this vile event should be boycotted, including the TV network that carries this program. Any celebrities in attendance should also be boycotted.

    Anything and anyone who gives credence to this vile inhuman display, this white supremacist, propagandistic entertainment should be shamed and banished from society. It is simply intolerable and unacceptable.

    • joshdav

      “RACIST WHITE AMERICANS.” Sorry bud, but Zimmerman is hispanic. Idiot.

    • Clyde01

      Your thinking of Mexican. Spanish is white! Idiot!

    • Fred

      Well technically is a
      euthnoynm that denotes a relationship to Spain or to the ancient Hisapania
      which covered most of the Iberian Peninsula or the now modern states of Andorra,
      Portugal, and Spain and the Crown Colony or British Overseas Territories of Gibraltar.

      Just Googling Hispanic
      told me that and moreover; Mexico was colonised by the Spanish so to avoid
      looking as big of a pillock as you do……..whose the idiot now?

    • Clyde01

      All Europeans are White. Hispanic if they are from the Americas but they are white. If they’re from Spain, they’re most likely white. They could be black or Arab but they are dark skinned. GZ is white! idiots!

    • Raoul

      As someone who is Spanish I would like to note, that we do not have a definitive racial profiling our history is one of conquoring and being conquored and as such Spaniards are white, black and arabic in origin.
      Sorry to break it to you Clyde, as Fred has said below you want to check your facts before you is an someone is an idiot, as you have left yourself with looking pretty-silly.

  • Disgusting. I have no words for this other than disgusting.

  • David_Mc

    I know its important to speak on these issues, but I’m always disappointed that Travon’s Murderer gets any attention in the public sphere. He’s an unpunished crime. We shouldn’t even speak his name, much less devote time and thought to his existence. Let him rot somewhere. No more with this dude.

  • ThomasDaBombas

    A contemporary minstrel show

  • FreshAndHisEGO

    Capitalizing off the blood of Trayvon Martin is not something that I would participate in. I wish DMX would have ignored this non-sense. Its funny how Zimmerman is NOW ready to fight- smh. This is sad. R.I.P Trayvon.

  • greg

    To the author that wrote this. Fuck you and your “white team” youre the most racist of all.This is the beauty of America. Let them be men and fight if they want to. It’s their decision, we don’t have to sit here and conform with the rest of the pussies on this planet. We’re fucking america. And if you think an innocent kid being shot is a score for white people get the Fuck out of My country.

    • For the record, I don’t think that. At all. I do think that’s the way DMX and the promoters are both framing it.

  • anon

    DMX is also a dog abuser

  • OnlyforComments

    This is just sad. Whether or not Trayvon attacked him first, this isn’t right! What a sick human being. He’s making a profit off of a dead boy on the boy’s birthday! Race doesn’t even matter anymore. A child’s life was taken and all this man can do is sit back and laugh?

  • caleb

    Fuck trayvon Martin, he is no way in the same boat at the garner case. Fuck trayvon and his stupid family