Gaslamp Killer’s debut album Breakthrough is a journey through The Gaslamp Killer’s own personal motion picture that we’re all invited too only instead of visuals he’s made it so that we can sit back, listen and see all the colorful imagery through his celebration of sound. Along the way he’s picked up a few of his friends to collaborate with such as Dimlite, SAMIYAM, Shigeto, Daedelus, Gonjasufi and more. Breakthrough is set release on the 18th of September by way of Flying LotusBrainfeeder label. If you’re in the LA area make sure you RSVP to his record release party happening on the same day of the release. Side note if you listen to “In the Dark”… I swear you can see credits rolling.

The Gaslamp Killer “Impulse (feat. Daedelus)”

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The Gaslamp Killer “Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun” [ft. Dimlite]

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Gaslamp Killer at the Mayan Theater September 18th

Gaslamp Killer Breakthrough Album


  • realitychexx

    A lot of these producers are making “abstract beats” via low end theory club, which is basically a scene for teenage boys who don’t get laid and think they are the best thing to happen to music since Africa. The worst thing about it is none of these acts could stand alone with a solo career, with the exception of flying lotus, and even his holier than thou bullshit takes the cake. Flylo is a J dilla dingleberry after he took a shit at an art show in a museum. The music is mundane and the best part of this type of music is all the writing and talking about it.

    The fact there is a whole scene doing this type of half baked shit is supposed to provide credibility for this album and the rest of the “scene”. But.. the music doesn’t lie. I know half of the samples he’s used, so hiding behind “sampling is music” is not valid, because he just tries to dig for rare records so he doesn’t have to spend so much time concealing the samples, cause he’s not a producer.

    This album is mediocre at best, and if it wasn’t for Gaslamp Killer’s hipsterness and being cool with everyone in the “scene”, you wouldn’t give 2 shits about this album. It would probably be on bandcamp with 500 listens, no reviews, and no one would give a fuck.

    Gaslamp killer is the classic case of a jew making a living off music that shouldn’t be making a living off music. If you want some real future shit to listen, go listen to Throbbing Gristle and other related artists. They had balls, this shit right here is hipster, dickless, I’m desperate to be taken serious as an artist nonsense.

    • nate

      hey bud, your making yourself look like even more of a hipster than you are trying (badly) to make glk out to be. i see a lot of bitter, entirely too self serious people like yourself out there nowadays. ironic detachment in any form is still ironic detachment (one of the most prominent qualities found in a hipster), and you are showing that quality in spades here. also, he has stated in a recent interview that he has strayed away from the sample heavy stuff from his prior releases for this one, and is performing most everything himself (with the other artists involved) save for a few samples here, and there. to make a long story short. you sound like a massive cynical tool (not to mention an anti-semite haha), and you should do the world a favor, and remove the stick from your ass because your fucking annoying. pumped for this release also, lots of great talent found throughout 🙂

    • Jason Harrington

      Wow, where do I begin? A Throbbing Gristle namedrop right after you compare a hardworking son of an immigrant to rich record label stockholders that you presume to be of a certain religion (based loosely on what I presume must surely be one of the many Illuminati sub-plots coursing through the revisionist sects of the hip-hop community). Well, it’s a year later now and GLK is still far from a household name. In fact, it appears that the (supposedly Jewish, so you say) record label owners still don’t care about this awesomely talented dude who played the drums live on an album that should have been considered an evolution to the legacy of DJ Shadow, but alas appears to be even more forgotten than your beloved Throbbing Gristle, which would make a fantastic soundtrack to a movie about trolls. They are a really rad band though, until you listen to them.

  • garciadn

    I can’t agree with you more Nate.

    Realitychexx you need a reality check. I can already see what kind of fan you are: the same type of idiots that stand around in the crowd just taking up space that feels they are too cool to clap and get into the music… Do us and everyone else a favor by staying home and watching some emo shit on tv or netflix and cry yourself to sleep for being so lame.

    The fact that GLK is cool with everyone in the “scene” and by that I’m gonna assume you mean music scene just makes him that much better because Hollywood hasn’t gotten to his head. He has conversations with his fans and is not too cool to take pictures or anything. He’s a talented musician and producer and the fact that this album is different just shows how good he is because artists shouldn’t stick to the same shit album after album.

    Sounds like you are a little ball of hate and that passion of hate you have inside only makes us fans love our artists more and laugh at fools like you so keep it up HATER!!!

  • herpes


  • Wesley Skull

    Your all wrong about this being a product of this scene or another. It’s been a long time since an album came through that isn’t formularized,. A brèath of fresh air – thank you.