Evidence "Self Taught"

Evidence "Self Taught"

Evidence Green Tape Instrumentals

Before we get that new Dilated Peoples album via Rhymesayers, Evidence is getting back with Decon for a beat tape, Green Tape Instrumentals. The fourth installment of his instrumentals series will be out on June 25th. As well known as EV is for his skills on the mic, his production game is just as polished. The album will feature 20 beats, mostly made from 2006 to 2010 (tracklist below). Check the first single, “Self Taught,” a beat he made in ’08. Judging by the response from the previous Yellow, Purple, and Red tapes, shortly after 6/25 you’ll be hearing a whole lot of rappers with new songs “produced” by Evidence.

1. Self Taught
2. Killer Bees
3. Run It Back
4. Waste Of Time
5. Roc Germany
6. West Coasting
7. F Train
8. 3 Murals
9. First Light
10. Braille
11. Break!
12. India
13. His Country
14. Before Tour
15. Scrolling
16. Synth Moments
17. Good Evening
18. Mariachi
19. Bong
20. Scary Clown Music

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