Listen to "Rap God," the single from Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2"

Eminem has dropped the third single from his forthcoming album,The Marshall Mathers LP 2, out November 5th. Following “Bezerk” and “Survival” is “Rap God,” a 6-minute long stage for him to show off his speed as an MC. Backed by a minimal piano and synth driven beat, Em does away with catchy chorus’s on this one. Verse after verse is filled with old-school hip hop references and sees Marshall spitting rapid fire tongue twisters. His viscous flow, while impressive, doesn’t always make up for outdated lyrics, including mentions of Monica Lewinsky and Ray J. You can download the track via iTunes and find the stream below.



  • Seriously?

    But the actual point of the Monica Lewisky reference is to show how long he’s been killing the mic. “Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?” My goodness.

  • music critic

    Your comment about Em spitting outdated is embarrasing! Next time listen to the music…

  • jd

    Same ol’ Em. Dope lyrics, Wack beats.

    • str8loungin

      Time to graduate from those computer speakers, bruh bruh.

    • jd

      LOL! His beats are trash homey. Oscar the Grouch. And its upsetting with the people he has in his camp. No excuse for this or his last album. His bars make the beat sound better. But yeah, straight trash on the beats.

  • Joe LaBella

    Dope rhymes, trash song. At least he’s been consistent for almost 10 years now with that.

  • get better writers

    uh… but there is a chorus.

    • Jordan

      “does away with -catchy- chorus’s” they aren’t denying there is one, just commenting on the minimal use of one. it’s literally only two lines.

  • str8loungin

    Em is clearly the greatest living MC. No question. Disagree? Who is better? Exactly. G’nite!

    • YT

      Black Thoughts!

  • rockchisler

    He kind of like Nas, Dope Lyrics, suspect beats