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UPDATE: De La Soul reached out to fans today after a frenzy of funky filesharing on Valentine’s Day overloaded servers and caused some delays to the legions of De La soldiers who jumped on the bandwagon to download the group’s entire catalog for free (scroll down for the full story). Dove AKA Plug Two speaks for the group when he says thanks to the fans for their tremendous love and promising that anyone who experienced a lag will still get their free music. Daisy Age sentiments indeed. Read the full text of the open audio letter immediately below or listen via soundcloud to hear it read by Dove over a soulful beat (which judging from the vocal sample, may be a glimpse at the material the Plugs are working on for their long-awaited comeback album You’re Welcome.

To: Our friends and fans

We want to thank you all for making our Valentine’s Day extra special this year! The love was tremendous. The kind words made sharing feel worth it, (more than ever) thank you! For any difficulty or delay in the process, we send our sincere apology. Damn! It was crazy, but nonetheless, a success. You guys showed up, and even with the minor delays you were patient and handled it like champs. Your support definitely helped turn the volume up… “This is still the Daisy Age”

If you signed up and have not yet received your links, don’t worry you WILL get them. Our team is working hard to make sure that no one is left out. You’re Welcome.

Much love y’all,

Pos, Dave & Mase
Legalize The Daisy Age!


De La Soul is giving away their entire catalog for free tomorrow, February 14th in anticipation of the 25th anniversary of their game-changing debut 3 Feet High & Rising next month. The music will be downloadable at the group’s official site wearedelasoul.com for a brief 25-hour window starting at 11am EST tomorrow (and ending Saturday at 12 noon). In an interview with Rolling Stone, Posdnuos revealed:

“It’s about allowing our fans who have been looking and trying to get a hold of our music to have access to it. Its been too long where our fans haven’t had access to everything. This is our way of showing them how much we love them.”

Pos is referring of course to the fact that the group’s densely-layered, ‘sampladelic’ sound has prevented it from being easily accessible in the digital age.

“It’s been a trying journey,” admits Posdnuous. “We’ve been blessed to be in the Library of Congress, but we can’t even have our music on iTunes. We’ve been working very hard to get that solved.”

Pos also revealed some details of the group’s upcoming releases, including a six-song EP titled Preemium Soul on the Rocks (with three beats each from DJ Premier and Pete Rock); a visit to Detroit to work on an unreleased beat from J Dilla; and-eventually–the long-overdue full length album You’re Welcome:

“[It’s] coming along amazingly. We have tons of music, but we’re our own worst critics…Certain groups have too many ‘yes men.’ In our group, we have too many ‘no men.’ When we look back on some of the stuff we have, we’re like, ‘Yo, we need to just put this out.’ The album is still called You’re Welcome, but we also have this whole other album that we’re working on that…Wooo, I wish I could talk about it.”

Us, too. Us, too!

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  • Dres ThaBeatnik


  • missmack

    So you can’t clear the copyrights to your music because you would have to pay for the use of the music that you made your career off of? Only a greedy dirt bag thinks this is a good thing. Total loss of respect.

    • char

      its because some people won’t release their material you idiot

    • KentoHardrock

      You sound like a noob.

    • tblack301

      No idiot. They cleared those sample but it was pre digital age and would have to re work deals for each sample all over again. The same thing happened to video releases of “Beavis and Butthead”, “Daria” and other tv shows from the 80s and 90s that used cleared music. Now back to eating dick missmack

    • Pepe Silvia

      Yeah, only greedy dirtbags give away all their music FOR FREE.

    • Music fan

      You should just stick to make-up. You’re making yourself look bad.

    • Paul Butler

      ….YAWN….I’ll let Stetsasonic deal with this.

      Well here’s how it started, heard you on the radio
      Talking ’bout rap, saying all that crap
      About how we sample, giving examples
      Think we’ll let you get away with that?
      You critizie our method of how we make records
      You said it wasn’t art, so now we’re gonna rip you apart

    • Dave

      MIssmack, you are so very wrong. There is no De La album earlier than Grind Date on Itunes. It is tied to the clearance of samples before the internet was prevalent.
      De La don’t make any money from their records, just touring.
      It is the difference between clearing your samples for radio/ recordings and the tinterweb which is in perpetuity throughout the universe.

  • Saar Understanding

    Thank You De La!!! Love You Guys!!!! Trust This Won’t Be In Vain…

  • Thaddeus Walker

    Just shut up and download it …if you want it take it…if not just shut the fuck up!….dam…all that whining shit….what does their money have to do with you?….Nothing!…I’m gettin mine!

    • WHat the…

      Did anybody actually GET the albums? my links just said error. Please let us know!! This was some BS….

    • There were clearly some server problems and delays but yes, tons of people got the music both in the OKP office and amonst our network

  • RocSteadious

    Missmack, please keep your uninformed comments to yourself. And you can keep your “respect” as well. This comes from a De La fan who has purchased all of the group’s studio lp’s. There are people I know personally that have tried to find their catalog via iTunes to no avail. This open window allows those who have been looking to finally find. That’s a beautiful thing.
    Add in the fact that De La is releasing new music for purchase in 2014, I will be gladly letting my money do the talking as they are arguably hip-hop’s greatest group of all time.

  • Kenmore Grassman

    me wish De La would do a show in the woods. Grassmen have much love for them.

  • PureSlaps

    come on 11am!!!

  • Richard Wojcik

    de la soul is rap for white people.

    • KentoHardrock

      What does that even mean? Hip-hop is for everybody that feels it, man.

    • tblack301

      And your posts are for stupid people. Step off. Dick

    • Music fan

      De La Soul is hip hop. Hip hop is for the world.

    • Bryan Yeates

      Wow I didn’t know people like Dave Chappelle, 2pac, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg were all white. Pretty neat!

      They love(d) De La.

  • The Soapbox Killer

    There is an awful lotta crazy up in here.

  • Is it a gimmick?

    Still waiting for the download…signed up and everything….Am I missing something? Let me know what happens people!!

    • De La Love

      Me too…I signed up at 11:00…and still waiting patiently. It will be worth it if I get all these joints!!

    • De La Love

      Still nothing and I signed up at 11:00 am…no links, no downloads, no nothing…not sure whats up.

    • gmeta4

      I haven’t gotten any links either. Can anyone confirm if they got links to the albums?

    • complixicata1

      I signed up early Saturday morning, and got my link early on Monday morning. It would appear that if you signed up within the 25-hour window, you haven’t been forgotten about.

    • De La Hoax

      Got the links but I wasn’t able to download anything. Got error messages and 404 errors for every link. Waste of my time. SIgned up at 11:00 am on the day, and got confirmations too. Im disappointed and feel like it was a stunt.

  • dancesexmusichiphop

    Well this is a nice surprise!

  • mikah4812

    i got my link 3 minutes later, thnx de la

  • wesawithappen

    There was a minor initial hangup, but I got my albums through a second email address within minutes, and then received a message to my first email address yesterday confirming my original request. Definitely nice of them to apologize, though. That’s why De La’s still doin it!