UPDATE: Clips of “Brown Sugar” and “Feel Like Making Love” have been added below and after the jump, respectively, for your scream-along pleasure (thanks, Mike).

Video is coming online now of D’Angelo‘s July 4th at House of Blues in Hollywood–D’s first official live show in the U.S. in a decade and change (not to be confused with his first actual live stateside appearance at Bonnaroo super-jam or his first televised performance on the BET Awards or his first officially announced stateside show, which goes down tomorrow at the Essence Festival in NOLA–get details here!). Watch this clip of “Really Love” (dedicated d’angelists may recall this is the lazy-sunday jazzy acoustic soul jam that ?uestlove controversially leaked to Australian radio a piece back) as proof that HOB was the place to be, be, be if you couldn’t make it to the Welcome America extravaganza in Philly yesterday (the replay of the okayplayer livestream will be up here soon, btw). More first to come (I hope, I hope, I hope).



  • mike

    That’s my clip. Thanks for spreading it around.

  • ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’ will be up in a few minutes.

    • isaiah

      Hey Mike, anyway you can send me the Feel Like Makin Love clip to me. I miss it still. My email is Isaiahjrogers96@gmail.com. Thank you!

  • Fearless

    Damn! I should have gone! But I do need to keep my lights on so its a good thing I didn’t. Great footage Mike.

  • Vaughn Victor

    Mike!!! Thank you so much for posting this. After watching this I had to go online to find more clips. D’angelo comeback is looking sweeter and sweeter every day. Can’t wait til he comes to Boston. And when that album Drops!!….whew, I’m buying the Vinyl, CD and Digital Download lol…seriously.

  • heyc

    was at the show last night and he put on great set. mix of old and new. most definitely great to see that he was enjoying it up there and smiling throughout the night. welcome back D!!! we all here missed ya!!!!!!

  • Loveland

    Ah D’Angelo does not want to be seen in that sex symbol mode …okay.
    However let me say that the song was truly dope and I want to thank
    Him for screwing me tonight ..mentally of course! I wanted that song to keep
    Playing , I was not ready for that abrupt ending it felt like coitus interruptus!

  • The R.

    daaayum how cool is this? this has been a long time coming. dope clip!!

  • aaa


  • Thanks for posting the other clips. Here’s a link to a great review from the LA Times this morning; http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/posts/la-et-dangelo-review-20120706,0,6969955.story

  • Loveland

    Wow brown sugar sounds great!

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