Combat Jack drops a major bomb with the best of the freestyles from The Combat Jack Show on Complex TV featuring Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Large Professor, Killer Mike, Joey Bada$$ and more. Kweli and Maino start things off with heavy bars before Action Bronson, Large Pro and Joey Bad make their mark. Killer Mike moves with eloquence and thoroughly seems to enjoy the moment. Much like the infamous 2009 BET Cypher, Thought runs the last leg of the relay and bodies it pretty decisively as Just Blaze flips through different tracks and tempos. Check the heat seeking recap of the best verses from The Combat Jack Show below. Watch it one more time, then watch it again.


  • kevin

    In 60 years I’m going to be telling my great grandkids about Black Thought.

  • Codysf

    Oh my god, Black Thought…. now you’re just making people look bad.

  • OMs

    Black thought — inspiring no doubt

  • James

    6:23 for Black Thought 😉

  • Black Though the illest

    Was Black Thought’s freestyle a written one? It must’ve been, nobody can spit like that from the top of the dome…

    • mnowicki

      i dont care what anyone says. Thought is the best period.

    • Onaje

      What is dope is it is just in him…you won’t find it in a song right at
      the moment…he is savvy MC and knows how to keep bars on hand at all
      times. I’ve listened to him on (look up Tony Touch 10min Freestyle) and
      others just keep going…Most versatile and skilled MC of all time for
      me. Legend!

    • Martin Cecconi

      Its from the song with Joey Badass, Statik Selektah & More… Still is my favorite MC.

    • Thapelo Letlatla

      Then i say u not a full hip-hop cat, i mean homie dez Ninjas like Supernatural hu can go Non-Stop n still b cumin from the top

    • Dwight

      He can spit off that top like that trust me I have seen many of the Roots shows where he just goes in off the top

  • L

    I need a gif of 5:00 – 5:03

  • derrick

    Omg Black Thought had got to be by far as he illest MC out there. That was sic ridiculous!

  • GravityMovement


  • pmantis69

    Black Thought…the most underestimated, under appreciated MC of all time. He has definitely been one of the best MCs in the game for quite some time now. But, because he’s not as commercial as these new guys, only the purist would know of this man’s skills. He would crush the likes of Drake and the rest of these panzies in the game right now…Including Lil Wayne.

  • Thapelo Letlatla

    Yea Yea Yea……I feel Thought hands down and dez no doubt he killed it but him bein de illest Freestyler out de is jus overrating him…i mean we all shud know SuperNatural is like E.T whn it cums to spittin from the top

  • Juuso

    How come this isn’t viewable from Finland?

  • Benjamin Peterson

    I love Kweli – I want everyone to know that. I love that mothafucka since Lyricist Lounge Vol. 2 and the Manifesto … but for real that voice lighter than aerogel, B. PUT SOME BASS IN YOUR VOICE, ‘LIB!!! Action Bronson — dude look disgusting. Why even wear a shirt? If that man has any desire to survive the next 20 years he gonna need to shed the dead whale. The Killer Mic flow was a fucking joke, either on account of the fact that the beat he was spitting to had no drums, or his utter lack of lyrical skill. The only MCs who came correct were Joey, Large Pro, and Thought.

  • Derrick

    Of the new class, Joey Bada$$ impresses me the most. Dope dude.

    Large Pro was super-dope!

    Black Thought– supreme. When will we get a solo album, no bullshit?

  • blessed kid

    thapelo yu can keep supernatural im a black thought fan for life
    and why are yu trying so hard to make pple like supernatural

  • Sebas

    Think we all agree, Black THought is tragically underrated. Hes in my top 5.

  • KEEM

    What beat is Killer Mike rhyming over?

  • DakotheNative

    Black Thought and Large Professor just on another level!! Making the rest of them look like day old bread, just stale!! Even Talib Really and I am a Tlib fan, but just didn’t get it the same! Large and Thought just seam to still have that hunger even after all these years!!

  • T.Krash

    If somebody asks me what hip hop is I’ll just say “hip hop is Black Thought”

  • Alija

    Its called adlibbing… Even if some of that is some recently written or pieced together bars along with bars off the top, its all about the charisma in the moment. Thats from the cipher homie- mastering your flows, punchlines, and having the charisma to pull off on the spot transitions. Fk wit Though – U know he got it.

  • El Libra

    Black Thought….smfh – I mean, wtf do you say after all that????