Chrisette Michele's video for Can The Cool Be Loved?

I always prefered Chrisette Michele‘s music when it leaned more towards the jazzy styled r&b side, and she seems to be giving us just that with her upcoming mixtape, Audrey Hepburn: The Audiovisual Presentation. We seem to get the manifestation of that title with her new video “Can The Cool be Loved?” featuring Dunson and Bilal (on background vocals). Says Chrisette of the vid:A fun lil Audiovisual Presentation Konee Rok and I drummed up. The concept is ‘Prisoner of a Still Picture’ Dunson and I are stuck in the iconic photography of Audrey and the great Sir Davis. We pose in these lyrics, the question, ‘Can The Cool Be Loved?’ From our Art to Yours… Enjoy.” video directed by Konee Rok. No word on when the tape drops.


  • Chrisette Michele is too dope. ‘Audrey Hepburn’ is going to be heavy rotation when it drops

  • Jennifer

    Never been into C. Michelle, but I will listen to this because Bilal’s on it.

  • Jennifer

    Love Bilal’s vocals. The video’s, not extremely innovative (in the sense its been done before). Could’ve been doper if a black icon was choosen to, but I disgress. Passable, considering the present state of music.

  • troubleman81

    That was a dope track. I agree wit d.scott on heavy rotation. I need chrisette to keep the jazzy in her work cuz it fits her voice so well.

  • P

    Cool song and vid.. Always liked Chrisette. Blu woulda been perfect as the rapper in this.

  • greg

    i was enjoying it until the stupid rapper come in and ruined it shame