Black Thought x Jazzy Jeff live

In case you needed any more reminders, Black Thought is quite possibly the Greatest Rapper Of All Times. DJ Jazzy Jeff, for his part, is pretty much the top contender for Greatest DJ In The Entire World, year in and year out (Today show be damned). Put them together and you got a G.O.A.T. jamwich (hold the curry) made to Philly-famous hoagie proportions. Which is why this jamwich-building workshop that Thought and Jeff conducted to warm up the crowd on a recent taping of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is a priceless little artifact of rap history, even though for these two gentleman it’s the equivalent of what doing a few push-ups to get the blood flowing in the morning is for me.

Shot on a cameraphone by our some-remain-nameless Okayplayer mole inside the Fallon organization, this footage is clearly not of the archival quality the conservationists here at the G.O.A.T. museum would prefer for our permanent collection. But the audio is clear and we have a good view of Thought and Jeff at work–and as I’ve said many times, if the footage is from Mars, nobody gives a damn if the camera is a little shaky. All of which leads me to ponder; skip all these other cameos and supergroups–can we get a Black Thought and DJ Jazzy Jeff concept album?? They could call it Black Jazz and the concept would be ‘We Are The Shit’. Don’t believe me, juh watch:


  • DJ Jazzy Jeff is a contributing factor for me ruining at least three record players in my adolescence.

  • Andy Rose

    That was a classic Roots song “Web” off “The Tipping Point”… go cop that!!

  • greg

    Black Though is the greatest mc off time I never realised until i saw The Roots live for the first time absolutely amazing and well Jeff he aint the magnificent for nothing