Black Simon & Garfunkel Cover Daft Punk Live on Jimmy Fallon

Black Simon & Garfunkel Cover Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Live on Jimmy Fallon

Black Simon & Garfunkel cover Daft Punk live on Jimmy Fallon

Black Simon & Garfunkel, comprising The Roots’ own Questlove and Cap’n Kirk, made another knockout appearance on Jimmy Fallon this week. This time around, they performed a heartfelt rendition of Daft Punk‘s collabo with Pharrell “Get Lucky”–complete with delicate harmonies, tasteful choreography and well-placed sound effects from Questo. We were blessed with this track thanks to the Video Game Week Suggestion Box on LNWJF, and although the only connection between Daft Punk and video games I can find is that I’d like to listen to them while playing video games (and maybe even wearing one of their pimped out helmets), I’m glad someone felt inspired to put the two together. Fallon and the Hottest House Band in Late Night TV have been extra on point recently, with another gem from Black Thought rapping to the Mario Bros. theme song and Brian Williams getting his OG on in recent weeks as well. I’m pretty sure LNWJF stands unrivaled as the only place you can experience a Roots x Simon & Garfunkel x Pharrell x Daft Punk moment and not be overwhelmed. Except for maybe overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. Watch below:

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